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Learnoverse Monthly Updates: August 2022 cover image

As the Learnoverse team, we want to keep our community updated about our achievements, accomplishments, and developments all at once. Here are the updates from August and what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Our focus was on developing Learnoverse.
We established new and exciting partnerships.
Learnoverse community is continuing to grow.


We established and announced several partnerships with great Web3 projects. The first partnership of the month was the Learnoverse x Lympo partnership. Our partnership with Lympo is focusing on building and discovering new ways of NFT education.

We have partnered up with VeraNFTs. We will focus on educating both of our projects’ communities about the financialization of NFTs and reveal the ways in which our users can benefit from NFT financial services.

We came to an agreement with Mirror World to structure yet another partnership. Learnoverse x Mirror World partnership will aim to emphasize the educational aspect of Web3 gaming and the transition from Web2 to Web3 in game development.

Last but not least, we crowned the month with our first partnership with a music NFT project — Onlymusix! Together, we will discover the opportunities of NFTs, their utilities, and their integrations.

Latest Developments

Instructors can now message multiple students with ease. Our dev team is working hard to implement great functions. This time, we added an option for instructors to reach out to all students who enrolled in a course. With this handy tool, instructors will be able to send a follow-up message to all of their students who already completed the course and offer them additional courses to take.

We added a brand new feature — Skill Cards. Along with certificates, students can now claim their Skill Card, which is available for students who master a skill on their profile. Once enough courses are completed and skill is maxed out, students will have an option to claim their unique Skill Card. These special cards will be minted and sent to their wallet.

Note: Skill Cards will have particular privileges later on in the game, so it’s worth collecting them as soon as possible!

What's Next in September?

Learnoverse is going to Dubai! — No, it’s not a late summer vacation. We will participate in MetaWeek Summit, and we are looking forward to networking with web3 partners and investors!

We want to strengthen our partnership network. That means there are going to be more collaborations with bigger players in Web3, stay tuned for the exciting news.

We will be focusing on increasing engagement and growth on our social media platforms. If you want to contribute to our community growth now, the next chapter is for you!

Help us Grow Learnoverse Community

Engage with our content on our social media channels. Our main channel is Twitter, where you can find a bunch of useful educational tips, articles, and Learnoverse news. Our community primarily is on our Discord server where we hold daily activities, games, and competitions for our community of students. 

Join the Learnoverse residency. We schedule community exclusive games and daily activities on our Discord. Make sure to reserve yourself a seat! Besides all the fun, we chat with our community, get their feedback on features and answer their questions.

Go to our platform and get educational videos, articles, guides, and more to enhance your crypto education. We offer handy tips and tricks, quick how-to articles, explainer videos, and guides. Just so you can keep exploring the blockchain and crypto space easier. And the best part — we offer all these materials on crypto education for free!

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