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In the recent AMA Live event we held on Twitter Spaces, our team member Marius Petrauskas had a special guest Lude Clay, from Crust Network. 

They discussed the partnerships’ future plans, works, goals, and crises that came up regarding the LearnDrop campaign. 

If you missed the live event, here is a brief summary of it. 

Learnoverse x Crust Partnership

Marius: I guess some of our audience would be interested in learning how we cooperate with Crust Network. We have a three-step cooperation program with Crust and we are exchanging market know-now. That's important because the market is changing all the time. Methods and ways that worked a month or a year ago don't work anymore. That’s why we are sharing this knowledge of how we can cooperate and how we should behave in always changing market conditions.

We support each other in various marketing activities, whether it’s additional partnership or exposure. One of the recent examples is the LearnDrop we launched with Crust Network. 

LearnDrop is a solution that aims to educate you with Learn&Earn courses. Depending on the course, you can study the product, the brand, or even an issue that Web3 solves. In exchange for your learning effort, you get a reward for that.

It creates a three-way winning situation. For us, Learnoverse, we receive content about Web3 products. Companies receive exposure to the community of educated individuals. And these educated individuals which are our students, receive rewards. 

Lude: I think you highlighted the major points of our cooperation which are the exchange of knowledge and combined activities in terms of marketing as well as in education for the audience too. LearnDrop is a really cool activity for participants because they don't only benefit from learning about the crypto space and the web3 but also they get incentivized.

We like the way how you structured the LearnDrop course on your platform, it’s not overloaded for the students. It gives an overview of the project, the brand, and the service all at once.

What is Crust Network?

Marius: For the part of listeners who are coming from the Learnoverse and BitDegree community, could you say a few words about Crust Network?

Lude: Of course. To keep it simple, Crust is a decentralized storage network that is built on Polkadots’ substrate framework and IPFS protocol. However, this doesn't mean that our network is only usable within the Polkadot. We are already integrated with most major chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, and so on. That means all of these ecosystems can use our technology and services to host and store their data. 

In essence, Crust is an incentivized peer-to-peer network that allows users to store their data in a trustless decentralized manner. To give you a broader overview, on one hand, we have miners who provide storage. In exchange for doing so, they get incentivized. On the other hand, we have our users who want to store or host their data and files. These users are paying a small fee to the network for using the service, and this fee goes to the miner.

Marius: Now I would like to ask, how many partners do you have?

Lude: We announce our partners regularly. Our Medium blog is the best source to follow on that. And to answer your question, we already partnered up with more than a hundred projects from Web3.

Some of our partners are Uniswap, Polkadot, and Aave. They host decentralized versions of their apps on our platform to enhance the security of the user.

Besides, we don’t only work with Web3 projects, but also with traditional companies. For example, pharmaceutical companies use Crust Network to store medical information because of the privacy factor. We also work with Web2 service providers who want to step into the Web3 space.

What Happened to the Crust LearnDrop?

Lude: Now, let’s talk about our LearnDrop and the current state of the activity. I think our community really liked the course. Yet there were small hiccups. We already informed learners, but for those who don’t know, some malicious attacks were attempted by users who tried to exploit the LearnDrop activity. 

We’re working with you very closely to solve those problems. But can you maybe say a few words about this and how do we prevent this from happening in the future?

Marius: What happened was we offered a great reward for a great course, and some people decided to cheat. They created armies of bots, precisely 16.000 bots, and they took the course during a weekend. Naturally, everyone was out and some of the team was participating in a Metaverse Summit conference in Paris. 

When we saw the attack, we immediately disabled the course so it's not accessible now. As soon as we implement certain security measures, we are going to continue the course. Our developers are working on this matter relentlessly, and as soon as we are ready, we are going to inform you. We hope that we will make said security measures live this week.  

On another note, we also tried to find ways to define which participants are really amongst the real people. So far, 470 addresses are shared with Crust. According to our data scientists and developers, they are most definitely real people and applicable for the rewards. 

However, in case of a problem in terms of rewards, reach us. You can fill in a form and we will screen you manually. If we won't see any fishy behavior, you will receive your reward hopefully this week.

Lude: We will relaunch very soon hopefully. Thank you for the hard work on that. 

Q&A: Learnoverse Buildings, Metaverse & Future

Marius: Meanwhile, we have some questions from our community:

“Is Crust Network interested in building in Learnoverse?” 

Every instructor, in this case, Crust Network, will become a part of our Learnoverse. If you are keen on sharing your knowledge, you can do it on our platform. In return, you will get a piece of land in Learnoverse in which you can rent or build a course building on top of it.  

So yes, Crust will most certainly have its own land in Learnoverse. So congratulations, if you didn’t know it yet!

Lude: I was aware that you guys are building it but I didn’t know these details which are quite cool. 

The next question is: “What's the next for Crust and Learnoverse partnership?”

So, we strongly want to work with Learnoverse and intensify our partnership. But as of now, we want to focus on our campaign. I am very sure that our partnership and activities will be 

intensified and more functionalities will be offered to you in the future.

And one more question from the community: “Is anything exciting upcoming that you can give us as a sneak peek?”

You can follow us on social media to learn more about exciting news, but maybe you have something to say, Marius?

Marius: Yes, exciting things are coming for the Learnoverse community. But, I can't give it at this moment. Currently, we are having strategic discussions with the founders and the main stakeholders in the company. We are saving a pretty detailed vision of what Learnoverse will look like, what will it offer, and how we can develop it.

So stay tuned, because major announcements will surprise not only existing supporters but also previous supporters BiDegree community too.

Lude: What do you think the metaverse will look like?

Marius: If you haven't seen our official trailer, you definitely should. What we want to achieve is really well put in the trailer which you can find on

But to answer your question, we want to create a CryptoDegree City, where users can roam around the streets and find the content they are looking for. They can access the course buildings. Buildings will have auditoriums, libraries, and many other parts. 

Lude: Sounds cool! I hope we see it sooner than later! I'm looking forward to it and I hope we will have a great experience in your Learnoverse

Marius: Me too. We are going on a journey where nobody else was before. It’s certainly going to be an interesting one. We did have a lot of ideas over the course of five years when we've been developing the BitDegree platform. Now it’s the time to make those ideas real. 

We also received our first investment. That opens us an opportunity to do good things, and take a leap of faith to create an immersive gamified environment for Web3 learners. 

With that being said, we’ve just come to the end of this AMA session. Do you have something to add?

Lude: For our audience, if there are more questions that you want to ask, you can follow our socials, Learnoverse and Crust Network, and reach us there. We will announce our campaigns and activities, so make sure to stick around. 

We will help you get familiar with Web3 and hopefully add value to your own learning journey. 

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