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Equal, Democratized, and Decentralised Future for Women: Learnoverse in Unstoppable WoW3 cover image

Learnoverse by BitDegree has officially signed a commitment with Unstoppable Women of Web3 as an educational partner.

The commitment includes participation in Web3 education sessions, signing the pledge to commit to training 50-50 diverse education, and helping Women of Web3 achieve higher awareness and visibility.

Alina Bajars, our Head of Partnerships, will lead and support this initiative by joining their female executive peers, guiding the Learnoverse commitment, and being the visible face of the partnership.

“Reliable and accessible Web3 education is not just about making sure women don’t fall behind, again. It’s about giving them tools to lead the new generation of the internet.”

Web3 is experiencing extraordinary growth as blockchain-based projects like NFTs take the world by storm. One pillar of blockchain technology, which has been instrumental in fueling its popularity, is its potential to offer access to utilities. These utilities transcend geographic and financial limitations that excluded groups in the past.

Unstoppable Women of Web3 (Unstoppable WoW3), is a diversity and education group on a mission to equalize the playing field on Web3. The group is launching a new way for people to learn about Web3, where all Unstoppable Women of Web3 members will benefit from focused education streams for free.

Launched in 2022, WOW3 launched an initiative to help women learn about the Web3 and Metaverse space, expand their networks, and innovate together. Focusing on training the next generation of talent, with a mission to equalize the playing field early in the Web3 era. This initiative is introducing different streams of education that focus on fundamental topic areas, including Web3, Blockchain, and the Metaverse.

Each stream will consist of a variety of content formats including audio and video sessions and written articles produced by Unstoppable WoW3 and its partners.

In addition to learning about Web3 theory, participants will be introduced to real-world examples to understand how these theories are applied to live use cases. Over 130 companies, including Polygon, Blockchain.com, Alchemy, Google Cloud, Opera, Girls in Tech, Deloitte, Lazy Lions, OpenSea, Learnoverse, and more joined us in the initiative.

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Rahsan from Learnoverse