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With the recent developments of the internet, as well as new technologies, online learning has been surging. We often see people educate themselves by choosing unconventional ways to master a topic, rather than just going with traditional learning methods. Instructional YouTube videos, live stream lectures, e-courses, and the list goes even further.

Now that we are shifting towards Web3, we have the opportunity to make the most futuristic dreams come true. With metaverse, an efficient and immersive learning experience is not something too difficult to imagine.


What is Metaverse?

In a broad sense, a metaverse is a 3D virtual world that works with similar principles to any multiplayer, open-world game. Like RuneScape, World of Warcraft, and The Elder Scrolls, to name a few. 

In these games, you start off by creating your character to go through a storyline. However, in a metaverse, the real-world sense and the virtual reality become predominant aspects rather than the story. From this perspective, the metaverse can seem like a game. However, calling metaverse just a game would be an understatement. 

Metaverse allows us to discover new ways of doing things we do in real life, yet without the limitations of the real world.

Education and Metaverse

Now, imagine you are studying geography or history from a book. And the book transforms into a surreal machine that will allow you to travel from one location to another on earth. It will allow you to time travel to any timeline. Or even send you to outer space, where you can gaze upon every planet and star freely.

Then learning wouldn’t be as stagnant as in traditional methods. After all, this mysterious gadget would allow you to go on an exciting learning adventure and gain first-hand experience. Since you learn everything by experiencing, you become less likely to forget the information you just acquired.

This example sums up how individuals can educate themselves in metaverse. The metaverse allows us to explore, discover and understand in an efficient way, allowing us to become the subject rather than just a viewer. 

Learning in Metaverse: What Are the Benefits?

Compared to traditional education methods, learning in an immersive 3D environment already draws a big advantage. Here are the four main different benefits online learning can get by using metaverse and Web3 technologies.

1.  Real-alike learning environment

Metaverse can create an environment that is almost real. This environment helps educators to build tools they can use to communicate their knowledge. Students can utilize their metaverse avatars and interact with real objects. In which case allows them to put theory into practice. All in all, this keeps learners engaged and interested in the topic they are learning.

2. More ways of communication

Online learning can get quite lonely since there is a physical distance between other students and teachers. However, metaverse can turn the tables around here and promote newer communication channels where both learners and teachers can freely socialize. Their metaverse avatars also allow them to connect which makes the whole experience engaging.

3. Immersive learning process

Extended reality technologies and hardware allow students and teachers to boost their immersion within the virtual world. This, yet again, helps especially students to put theory into practice and preserve their fresh knowledge for much longer. 

4. Fun elements with gamification

That goes without saying, but gaming or gamification elements make learning fun for everyone. It motivates the students to solve problems, discover new knowledge and understand the topic to its fullest. This makes the overall learning experience enhanced. 

In Summary

Our upcoming transition from Web2 to Web3 seems to be revolutionizing the most essential processes for us, in this case, learning. By witnessing the surging improvements, we will be able to distinguish the advantages, benefits as well as challenges that come with this new technology.

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