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Web3 Gaming Meets Education: Mirror World Partnership cover image

Learnoverse has been non-stop collaborating with like-minded projects. This time, we partnered up with Mirror World to create a course about Web3 gaming within Learnoverse. To discuss the partnership details, Danielius Stasiulis, CEO of Learnoverse, and Shubham Bhandari, Head of Bussiness Development at Mirror World had an AMA session on Twitter Spaces. Both speakers informed their communities about this new and exciting collaboration.

Mirror World x Learnoverse Partnership

Danielius: Learnoverse will have a Learn&Earn model and in a sense, we are a game. Considering that, what could we create for Learnoverse together with Mirror World? For example, can we build on top of your platform and have our own NFTs?

Shubham: If you want to create your own marketplace or you want to integrate a wallet system into your platform, we can help you apply a particular SDK. Let’s say you want to go for a wallet integration in your platform, with the specific SDK we will provide, you can use the integrated wallet system as well as the fiat currencies. It all depends on your demand.

Danielius: What's the story behind Mirror World? 

Shubham: RCTI is the parent company of Mirror World which provides AI technologies to many traditional games like GTA. And they incubated the Mirror World. The company used to work and partner with traditional games to integrate AI technology into NPC characters. The team initially helped us with the funding part and once we were completed with that, we implemented our new Play-2-Earn (P2E) games within Mirror World.

Danielius: What is Mirror World? Can you go into the details of the gameplay? How is it different from all the other games? Why Mirror? What does it mean? 

Shubham: In Mirror World NFT characters are created with AI technology, where you can interact with your character. The more you interact with your NFT character, the NFT character becomes just like you. Your NFT will have a deep post segment learning where it will understand your typing style. It will also be able to understand your feelings and your emotions. As a result, your NFT character will behave just like you. Hence why we called it Mirror World, your character mirrors you. You can use that single mirror NFT for all the games. It will be a kind of interoperable between all of the metaverses in the future as well. 

Danielius: Exciting. So essentially your NFT is the avatar that learns about you across multiple games. How does AI influence the gameplay or your avatar? 

Shubham: Even the NPC characters in the Play-2-Earn segment will be powered by AI technology. Let’s say I'm a more defensive kind of player so the NPC character will know my fighting style and he will counter-attack on me, by becoming more aggressive and vice versa. So it will depend on how the player is reacting and their fighting style.

Danielius: Cool. And does it cost to get your initial NFT? Do we have to buy it? What's the price and how is the earning economy structured? 

Shubham: Initially when we launched our Genesis collection, that was the strongest and rarest collection of Mirror World. So each NFT at that time was around 0.66 Ethereum which was around $190. After that when we came up with the second generation which was a normal NFD collection of Mirror World which we sold it for around $50 each. Both the collections were limited, but the first generation had more unique values, like more power and strength in-game. 

We have also partnered with many big crypto gaming guilds. You can just go to them, get some scholarship over and play the game too. 

The Future of Crypto Games and Web3 Education

Danielius: What is next for the Mirror World? What can your community members expect next? 

Shubham: Okay, so actually we'll start with the beta test of our second game which is a PvP game. And apart from that, we are also testing our rental model. Players who want to join some partner guilds of ours and go for the scholarship model can directly receive NFTs into their account and play. This will be similar to a centralized wallet where the manager will have all the NFTs and transfer them to scholars with just one click. 

Currently, we are working on Solana but we are planning for multi-chain like Polygon as well. So this is the kind of roadmap right now. 

Danielius: Exciting. I'm really happy that we are partnering with you to create that course because it's apparent that you have a lot of experience. If I'm a player, a user, what can I expect to earn by playing your game? Like can I earn $10 a day or $1,000 a month? Or are these token rewards only like gamification something maybe like incentivizing to play but not necessarily feasible monetary rewards? 

Shubham: The more you play the game the more winning chances you will get. In short, it depends on how much you spend time playing as well as your win rate. However, if you don’t win a game, you won’t lose anything. That means you don’t have to invest more than you need. To earn, you just need to hold your NFT, play the game and win. 

Once we launch our token to the public, only then we can predict some value. Before that, it’s hard to say how much you can earn. 

Shubham: We're happy about our upcoming course that will take place in Learnoverse. We want to educate people about SDKs and how smart contracts work. As well as spread awareness of what AI technology has on offer. Thank you for the opportunity! About Learnoverse, we want to know if you have launched any Play-2-Earn courses earlier. What will be the community expectation in this regard? Maybe we can create a really dynamic course for learners to explore more about Play-2-Earn games.

Danielius: Great question.  As Learnoverse, we have 1.2 million learners all around the world. We are working with many projects to educate them about discovering different crypto fields. We want to help them learn what is crypto, blockchain, and Web3 in an entertaining manner. Surely, Play-2-Earn games are some of the most fun places to reach that entertainment element in crypto. With Mirror World, we're going to let our users discover the gaming side of the Web3 world. 

Play-2-Earn gaming doesn’t sound complicated if you spend your months discovering the space. However, if you are a newcomer, there is no easy way to do that. The internet is full of random articles and tutorials which lack structure. Unlike many other players in the field, we are structuring the learning journey. You can take one of our courses and you can have a concrete outcome while having fun.

We want to provide a comprehensive learning experience that's why we need to work with companies so we can provide first-hand knowledge.

Shubham: Sounds great. What’s your plan for attracting new users and partners? 

Danielius: We started doing collaborations with other crypto projects recently and we already have a full pipeline. Our mission is to cover the entire crypto landscape. For that, we need to create an education space for every crypto project. We want to be the symbiote of many crypto projects and help them discover users through courses. We will help them educate their own users so that the userbase will be up to the standards to use the project’s own products.

We will also launch the Learn&Earn token economy which will be the first in the world. And we won't reward users only on the campaign level. Our plan is to reward any kind of learning activity and this is possible. It’s because we will orchestrate the value and economy in the first place. Learners will earn for their learning efforts, instructors will earn for creating a course, so to say their teaching efforts. By creating value for other crypto projects we are building a learning economy that is attached to the crypto world.

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