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We constantly implement cool features for our learners. Meanwhile, we didn't forget about you, instructors. After all, we know subject matter experts are key to everyone’s success. 

For that, our team gathered around and made efforts to upgrade how you, as an instructor are represented in Learnoverse. We came up with various features that will make you shine, one of the many is called the Instructor’s Profile. 

What is an Instructor Profile?

Instructor Profile is a gateway that you can use to create first impressions of yourself on the learners. It has a strategic place as it allows you to promote, introduce and present yourself and your educational content within Learnoverse.

The better profile you possess, the more chances you get to attract learners to your courses. Not to forget, this does not only provide exposure to an enthusiastic learner base but also increases the visibility of your already published courses. We know that you poured your heart and effort into creating content, so you deserve that.

How Can I Improve My Instructor Profile?

Now, in order to get started, you should head to your instructor landing page on our platform. Once you arrive, we recommend you follow these valuable tips that will help you improve your profile for the better.

Express yourself

Upload a photo of yourself. Or an image that represents your existence within Learnoverse. Remember that as humans we love making connections. Learners will be able to associate your quality content and your profile with a visual reminder much easier. 

Don’t be shy, express your instructor persona as you wish to be perceived.

Be visible

Give learners and your own community a chance to connect with you on other platforms. Type in your social media channels and update them on your profile regularly. This way, you can be reached and followed for the amazing content you shared on Learnoverse.

Be visible and accessible to the crowd that is willing to support you.

Be on point 

The “About Me” section of your profile should avoid two things at all costs: lengthy information and nonessential details. A precise, friendly, and concise description of yourself is all you need. So, use a few sentences to highlight important things about your instructor persona.

Remember, people like to read information that is clear and on point.

Keep up the good work

Let’s say you provided a course or two. That’s great, but why stop there? Communicate your expertise with learners who enjoy your content. After all, there is always more knowledge to share. Create a new material, publish new courses and contribute to Web3 education on Learnoverse.

And voila! Your Instructor Profile is ready to be seen. Share it on your social media channels and invite people to your courses.

What Are the Benefits of Improving a Profile?

You can think of your instructor profile as any other profile page you have on the internet. It’s there to represent you to others who interact with the page and try to get to know you. Naturally, improving and maintaining a feasible profile becomes only beneficial.

  • Get more exposure. When you have a great profile, people will want to take a look at your courses. This means your courses will get more exposure in Learnoverse!
  • Increase your audience. This goes without saying but once your courses start to get recognized, the audience you reach will increase too.
  • Create a community. Both your instructor persona and courses hand in hand will help you create a community, that likes your content and supports you along the way.

We know each of these bullets is significant for instructors. That’s why we will update and bring new features so that instructors can get the most out of their experience in Learnoverse. 

Interested in being an instructor? Share your crypto and Web3 knowledge in Learnoverse!

In Summary

Our team is constantly thinking about how we could aid both our students and instructors on their learning or teaching Web3 journey. That’s why we will fetch you even more exciting and beneficial features that you can utilize. 

Meanwhile, you can follow us on our social media channels to keep yourself updated.

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