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Learnoverse Updates: Q2 Review cover image

Here is a quick recap of what the Learnoverse team has been up to in the Q2 2022?

We kept focused on building Learnoverse.

We started to pay more attention to Web3 partnerships.


We have raised our first funding. $1M from Mistletoe, a Japanese and Singaporean venture investor. Mistletoe focuses on investing in projects that solve problems, including in the learning and education fields. Our strong team, prior experience in the EdTech industry, and extensive existing user base led them to give us support. We will launch the world's first crypto-learning metaverse, Learnoverse.

We participated Metaverse Summit in Paris on July 16-17. At the event, we presented Learnoverse and some of its cool features. Besides, we also held a workshop at the event. We informed the event participants about user education in crypto and metaverse space as well as how crypto companies and startups can benefit from this education.

We partnered with Crust Network and helped them launch a LearnDrops campaign on our platform. Initially, we have written articles and reviews about them. Then, we supported the development of a course that will educate learners about the Crust Network. With the launch of the campaign, we introduced their Learn&Earn course to our student base, where students earn rewards by taking the course.

We established another important partnership with Oasis Network. This partnership’s aim was to encourage our programming students to join the hackathon that Oasis was hosting. In the end, up to 100 of our students participated for a chance to win 200.000 USD in prizes.

More partnerships are on the way, but they haven’t been publicly disclosed yet. Save the date for the next quarter update to know more about it!

We optimized our core Learnoverse team and welcomed a couple of new members on board: Robertas (CPO), Alina (Head of Partnerships), and Greta (Marketing). We are glad to have them around as their skills and knowledge will provide us a competitive edge to achieve our milestones faster. 

Want to help us? 

Join our community on social media channels and engage with our content. Our main channel is Twitter, where you can find a bunch of useful educational tips, articles, and Learnoverse news. We have a Discord server where we hold daily activities, games, and competitions for our community of students. We also experiment with TikTok too.

We hold giveaways on our main channel Twitter, to thank our community, every now and then. Show your support by retweeting, liking, and commenting on our giveaway posts. 

Be part of the Learnoverse residency. We schedule community exclusive events, games, and daily activities on our Discord. Make sure to reserve yourself a seat! Besides all the fun, we also hold Live sessions there. We chat with our community, get their feedback on features and answer their questions.

Go to our platform and get educational videos, articles, guides, and more to enhance your crypto education. We offer handy tips and tricks, quick how-to articles, explainer videos, and guides. Just so you can keep exploring the blockchain and crypto space easier. And the best part — we offer all these materials on crypto education for free

We want to boost our community, so every little bit of your support on our social media counts!


Total Platform Users: 1.1M+

Active Discord Members: 2.2K+

Twitter Followers: 2.8K+ 

Investments: $1M

Focus for the next quarter

We are working on our 2D metaverse, as well as Avatars, Buildings, and NFT upgrades.

We are aiming to build a strong network of partnerships.

We are focusing on increasing engagement and growth on our social media platforms. 

Academic Research

We kept working on our experiment with Tartu University about how e-learning experiences should be designed.

We started the next phase of the project and launched 4 short web development courses, including HTML, JavaScript, Web Design, and CSS.

We collected more than 20K active users for our courses.

We finalized model indicators and structure proposals in collaboration with Tartu University.

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Rahsan from Learnoverse