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Last year Play 2 Earn went mainstream, which allowed users to get paid in crypto and NFTs. Monthly payments for users ranged from $200 to $1000 as rewards while playing the games. In 2022, Learn&Earn projects started booming. These projects reward students for learning about crypto and building careers in web3.

“Learn&Earn enables users to receive rewards for learning, and it will benefit the web3 market at least twofold. For existing crypto users, it will help to deep dive into new exciting projects. For not-yet crypto users, it will help overcome the stigma of embracing new technologies and accelerate the mass adoption of web3.” - says Ada Jonušė, COO of Blockchain Center Vilnius. 

Learn&Earn is focusing on making it easier for new crypto users to onboard web3 projects and enter the crypto market. It enables students to learn in-demand web3 skills that are being sought after by companies all over the world. As well as allowing businesses to reach crypto-savvy audiences in a meaningful way.

Blockchain Center Vilnius shortlisted the most notable and promising Learn&Earn projects.


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Last update: 21st of November 2022


Learnoverse is unique in the market in terms of Learn&Earn. It’s an educational project that is based on the Metaverse. The project recently raised $1 million in funding from Mistletoe. Learnoverse is developed by BitDegree, a well-known brand in EdTech. The company employs its extensive knowledge of course building, crypto education, and gamification to develop Learnoverse.

Good at: As a student, you are rewarded for engaging with branded courses. However, this is only one of many ways to engage within the Learnoverse. This concept has already proved to be a very effective method for brands to acquire educated users. On the other hand, users are rewarded for learning and engaging with the product they know and trust. BitDegree successfully tested this concept with Engines of Fury, Mysterium Network, and other Web3 companies. It aims to offer an exciting learning experience for seasoned crypto users and easy-to-understand content for beginners. 


RabbitHole raised $18 million in total, to build a web3 learning platform. The project aims to solve the pain of new web3 networks by incentivizing the direct usage of their protocols. 

Good at: RabbitHole innovates with the decentralized discovery and enrollment of educational content. It also adds a layer of gaming elements for students that aims to motivate them to keep exploring blockchain protocols. The platform provides various crypto tutorials about learning DeFi and NFT. RabbitHole also features a series of quests that help users explore web3 projects. By completing these quests, users can earn rewards. 

Odyssey DAO

Odyssey DAO is a learning community that - similarly to Learnoverse - aims to grow the number of Web3 users. It has already received $4 million in funding. The project’s main focus is teaching the basics of the web3 economy.

Good at: Odyssey DAO adds a social aspect to learning, to keep students engaged and motivated. For example, community members can communicate and compete through the Discord server. The project organizes seminars, webinars, and other educational events. And leading industry experts are often invited to these events. Odyssey DAO offers guides on cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, web3, and DeFi. In addition to guides, students can find educational material on the platform that is helpful in learning Web3 technologies.  

Flipside Crypto

Flipside crypto drives growth by providing on-demand analytics for blockchains. Community members are enabled to compete in analytics challenges with a structured rewards program. Users can complete these challenges by answering questions about particular projects. 

Good at: This project has a traditional Learn&Earn program where students get paid for learning. It works in a very similar way to the exchange's Learn&Earn programs, where you submit quiz answers and get rewards for them.  Flipside Crypto has an integrated competitive bounty system which contributes to the competitive spirit. That makes this educational process more exciting. Challenges help gather data and bring payments to participants. Users have limited time and spots on the educational challenges as a participant.

Dohrnii Academy

Dohrnii Academy is a web3 platform where both beginners and experts can get crypto education for free. 

Good at: The platform follows the idea of making an income that shouldn't come after your graduation. That’s why they have a Learn&Earn mechanism that rewards you as you go through with your crypto learning and provide monetary benefits to users. Dohrnii Academy merges the concepts of Learn&Earn and Play 2 Earn together. The project has a gamified learning journey which makes it rewarding and fun for users to complete. They have social features like competitions and collaborations that are included in the program, too. 

Build Space

Build Space is a Web3 development platform that offers free, cohort-based online learning courses on building Web3 apps. Users can sign up and connect their Ethereum wallet to verify coursework completion. In return, they receive a course completion certificate in the form of an NFT. 

Good at: There are 6-week long sprints, which are like workshops. In these sprints, you learn how to build your project. The topics range from building a DAO to creating NFT collections on several blockchains. If you participate in sprints you get to benefit from demo days, and live sessions. The platform allows you to communicate and network with other builders so that you can have the opportunity to give and receive feedback.

Invisible College

Invisible College is an educational platform for people who want to learn, build, and invest in Web3. To access all materials and courses, you’ll need to be a community member. There is an entry requirement which is to hold at least one NFT from their NFT collection, Decentralien.

Good at: If you are an NFT holder, you can access a wide range of courses about Web3-related topics. With your NFT, you can also access a private server for their community. Invisible College also helps people who want to launch their own projects as long as they are part of the community. If you are a member, you can reach numerous features, from chats to lessons, courses, and event recordings.

Proof of Learn

Proof of Learn is a platform that serves across the world through blockchain. They provide education in the metaverse where students can learn about DeFi, DAOs, Ethereum, and Solana NFTs.

Good at: As a student, you can earn awards along your learning journey and get powerful education opportunities. You can also access major protocols for recruiting and employment via the Proof of Learn careers marketplace. The company provides engaging and gamified education that leads to career opportunities in Web3.


QuestBook provides learning opportunities for those who want to learn how to code in Web3. They offer a massive Web3 developers community that you can join and earn crypto as well as NFTs on the way. Learning is provided mostly through text, and at the end, there are quests. 

Good at: QuestBook separates the learning into four different tracks that are building blocks for blockchain technologies: Ethereum, Solana, NEAR, and Polygon. The related learning material contains exercises and learners are encouraged to upload their answers on Discord. The platform is built in a simple and easily understandable manner that makes it more straightforward for learners.

Moralis Academy

Moralis Academy helps people to train Web3 skills with industry-leading courses. They host a community of more than 60k students. Courses that are provided on the website are related to Blockchain, Bitcoin, DeFi, Business, and Programming. 

Good at: The platform welcomes you with a crypto career quiz and a step-by-step guide on how to unlock a career in Web3. As a user, you can get personalized support and hands-on practical guidance. There are quizzes, assignments, weekly workshops, as well as 500+ video lessons that are accessible 24/7 on demand. The platform also provides certificates upon successful completion of courses.

Crypto College

Crypto College is a learning platform where students get an opportunity to discover their topics of interest directly from industry experts. The platform promises to deliver high-quality education at low prices to help Web3 enthusiasts to grow as a person and get the desired skills to excel in their careers. 

Good at: Crypto College currently has the following courses on offer. They will greatly help you understand everything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. it is a one-stop online college for all your blockchain-related knowledge.


Continuum is a Learn&Earn platform that provides students with short-form videos and carousel content. Users can access educational content from the best creators and professionals across a wide range of topics. 

Good at: As a student, you can take quizzes, and notes and track your progress on the platform. Continuum allows you to learn with fellow creatives, making it more than just a group chat. Additionally, courses on the platform contain text information and exercises to check what students learned so far.


Kernel is a Web3 educational community that helped create one of the most up-to-date curated collections of resources. With these resources, people are able to build new tools and products on Web3. The community allows its members to reach various specifications, including smart contracts, security, and zero knowledge tools.

Good at: Kernel community will help you learn what you need to know to participate in building a better web. They provide 8 weeks of structured learning and building courses which are entirely free for anyone to read at any time. By engaging in conversations with the community, you can discover how learning happens and explore different skills-oriented contexts.


Web3Bridge is a program that is created to train Web3 developers in Africa. With 16-week hands-on boot camps, they offer training from industry experts. The program supports training in a collaborative and supportive environment and in turn, develops Africa’s Web3 economy.

Good at: Web3Bridge offers free cohort-based training to lower entry barriers and make it easy for everyone to interact with the blockchain and Web3 world. Within their 16-week boot camps, you can get an immersive learning experience on what it takes to be a blockchain developer. It provides offsite and onsite education that helps develop one’s both technical and soft skills to be competitive in the global market.


Figment is essentially a development platform, which creates an environment for developers and entrepreneurs to make the most use of blockchain technologies. The platform offers Figment also provides a Web3 education platform aside which is for developers by developers.

Good at: As a student of the platform, you can share your Web3 knowledge with others and earn tokens of the networks you care about the most. The platform has courses on offer which are prepared by experts, as well as tutorials that are built by community members.

NFT School

NFT School is an open-source project that gathers web developers and technology enthusiasts to figure out what's going on with non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short.

Good at: NFT School offers guides, tutorials, and concept explanations that are generally focused on NFTs. Students can share their knowledge with their peers on the platform and contribute to a tutorial, how-to, or concept guide on this open-source site. Students can also suggest content that they would like to explore.

Encode Club

Encode Club is a web3 education community that utilizes educational programs with the leading protocols in crypto. The community members help each other to get a job in the field or raise funding. The community also welcomes hiring partners who can collaborate with Encode Club and receive talents.

Good at: Encode Club is more than a community but rather a club. The club provides intense programs, training, and boot camps. These educational events help individuals to get certified in developing blockchains, build a blockchain project from scratch as well as help early-stage projects go to the next level.

Apollo Academy

Apollo Academy is an education platform that offers content from the top Key Opinion Leaders and Projects in Web3. The platform organizes various seminars, panels, podcasts, project introductions, AMAs, and community meet-ups for its students.

Good at: Apollo Academy envisions creating a community and forum for like-minded individuals to discuss, connect and collaborate with each other. They provide a platform for projects and founders to increase their reach and influence. As a student, you can become an instructor and provide seminars, AMA sessions, panels, live events, interviews, and more for community members.

Web3 University

Web3 University is an online educational platform that brings resources and tutorials across the blockchain development ecosystem. The platform aims to equip developers who are looking to learn about writing smart contracts, minting NFTs, and how to build fully-functional end-to-end dApps.

Good at: Web3 university collaborates with various blockchain organizations to reach the goal of bringing developers from Web2 to the Web3 world. The platform connects 200,000+ students who are improving their skills to be able to develop in Web3. Additionally, the students can reach the learning material for free.


useWeb3 is a platform for developers to explore and learn about Web3. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned developer, you can explore available sources on the platform and get familiar with the core concepts and fundamentals.

Good at: The platform provides various resources for students to learn, this includes books, code challenges, courses, guides, started kits, tutorials, videos, and websites. It has a combination of resources that are built into the platform. These resources are used by other blockchain educators to contribute to educating individuals about Web3. The platform also provides learning and job opportunities for students.


LearnWeb3 is a holistic education platform for onboarding web3 developers. You can join 40k+ builders and start your journey for free.

Good at: LearnWeb3 offers courses on four separate learning tracks: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. There's also an accompanying Discord community where students can ask questions, make connections and attend exclusive events. By connecting their NFT wallets, students can receive graduation NFT. The platform also allows students to take part in hackathons, and discuss technical papers, or events.

SparkLearn EdTech

SparkLearn EdTech is an online platform to upskill Web2 developers in blockchain technology and web3 education. It provides free courses about blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency.

Good at: SparkLearn EdTech allows you to benefit from boot camps and masterclasses specifically tailored to your learning needs. Currently, there is a boot camp the platform offers, Blockchain Developer Bootcamp (BDB). It’s a 12-week online boot camp focused on teaching the fundamental concepts and key tools in a smart contract and decentralized application (dApp) development. 

NEAR University

NEAR University connects more than five thousand students and has more than 20 programs and courses. Students can learn, earn and connect within Web3 and the blockchain ecosystem.

Good at: Students can start learning by participating in certification programs, self-paced courses, partner courses, and community courses. NEAR University provides learners with fellowship and ambassador programs where they can earn just by taking part in them. NEAR University also collects talented educators to teach people about NEAR and the future of Web3.


Pointer is a learning platform where students follow tutorials and learn Web3 development. By progressing with the learning material the platform provides, students can earn crypto rewards

Good at: The platform delivers all the educational material in an interactive and user-friendly way. Students can start learning the skills for the Web3 programming economy and get revenues. All the material consists of interactive pictures and easy-to-digest texts. Pointer has also a community where other students can give and receive feedback, ask questions, and learn the course topics in and out.


ChainShot is a platform that hosts online, live bootcamps for students to acquire high-demand blockchain skills. With these boot camps, learners are aimed to be upskilled in core Web3 concepts like smart contracts, blockchain cryptography skills, build and deploying decentralized applications.  

Good at: ChainShot has custom learning tools and a proven curriculum. The platform is Ethereum-focused. The Ethereum Developer Bootcamp helps students acquire core blockchain skills, gain a deep understanding of Ethereum, and master smart contract development.


StackUp connects more than 40 thousand users who want to stack up their developer skills. The platform enables developers to level up, grow and connect with a global developers’ community. 

Good at: StackUp# rewards students when they participate in different campaigns or quests and complete courses. Each campaign course and quest contains a reward. Students can learn various crypto technologies with these quests and campaigns. They can learn from developers and level up as a developer with StackUp's live streams.

Udemy Inc.

Udemy is an e-learning platform offering video courses on a variety of topics. Users can log on to the platform and search for the topic they want to learn about. Udemy has several blockchain courses available on its EdTech platform. 

Good at: Udemy offers a wide range of courses that are related to various blockchain topics. Students can choose among 204,000 video courses, and choose courses taught by real-world experts. They can learn at their own pace, with lifetime access.

Bloom Institute of Technology

The Bloom Institute of Technology offers a 10-week Web3 course to help students transition from Web2 to Web3. The course covers smart contracts, Solidity and new software concepts such as decentralized finance.

Good at: The platform’s Web3 Development course is broken into 10 sprints, each of which includes on-demand recorded instruction and a hands-on project. When students complete a sprint, they unlock the next sprint. The platform also provides support for learners to land a job. However, if students are not hired, there is a money-back guarantee for them as well. The platform helps with networking, practice interviewing, negotiating salary, ace technical interviews, skills tests, connect with hiring partners and alumni networks.


Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to discover or rediscover Web3. Students can grow their Web3 skills with bounties, contests, and projects and earn rewards. 

Good at: Students can participate in various contests and get a reward of 100 USDC. They can also earn by contributing to the platform by providing information about other projects that need investment, writing media articles, and giving feedback about the platform.

Zero to Mastery Inc.

Zero to Mastery (ZTM) has a five-hour long Web3 Masterclass that teaches blockchain security, potential use cases for Web3 applications, cryptocurrency basics, and the basics of DAOs

Good at: The platform has more than 9,100 lessons, 931 hours of learning experience, and 44 courses. Besides, there is a career path test students can take. There are also workshops that instructors provide, and previews are shared on social media.

Phemex Academy

Phemex Academy is a platform where students can learn Crypto and Blockchain a free, comprehensive and unbiased resource for blockchain knowledge.

Good at: Students can learn about blockchain, trade crypto, stacking, NFTs, DeFi, and Metaverse on the platform, all in text format. The platform offers Phemex Student Foundation, a research initiative that provides scholarships to outstanding students in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3. Learners can also try crypto simulation trading to learn how to trade with zero risks.

Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council is a platform where students can embrace Web3 with a range of certifications offered by the platform. It is designed to suit enthusiasts from all backgrounds, where they can join a community and enjoy networking to kickstart their Web3 education journey.

Good at: Blockchain Council provides multiple live training and webinars. Students can also become council members and get 30% off on all self-paced training, 50% off on all Instructor-Led training, and free access to premium content, such as e-books and podcasts. Students can also apply for scholarships that Blockchain Council provides.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a Web3 content section that users can access for an annual subscription fee of $26.99 per month. It offers course videos that typically last less than an hour and entire Learning Paths that last upwards of nine hours. 

Good at: The platform provides many courses, including the basics of blockchain, Bitcoin and the interaction of blockchain and business and has many viewers. New courses are constantly added to the platform. Linkedin Learning distinguishes courses based on the level of students, the type of learning material, length and software.

Unit Masters

Unit Masters creates an inclusive and fair economy through equal opportunities and open communities. The platform provides a free 6-week course that covers various web3 topics. Students receive a certification upon successful completion of the program. 

Good at: The platform provides a comprehensive and progressive learning program that covers multiple topics. It also offers live mentoring sessions. The program is designed with creative exercises that help students gain a holistic view of the ecosystem and think critically; rather than technically about the industry.

In Summary

Learn&Earn brings so much to the table compared to traditional learning systems. It can be monetized through other means for general population education. It upgrades conventional education to a more efficient learning system for users. 

Learn&Earn is a fairly new notion. Existing adoptions of this incentivized learning model are still tackling the essentials of the concept. But, stronger EdTech names are already building exciting Learn&Earn integrated web3 platforms — BitDegree alone has more than 1M users. And more advanced and complex solutions will be introduced for people seeking practical education. 

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