1st ever open crypto learning metaverse


BitDegree is launching Learnoverse - the crypto learning metaverse. Following our mission to become the #1 crypto educator, we will provide crypto education for the crypto community with crypto tools. Metaverse is the culmination of what we have built until now. Remember gamification? Your profile will automatically become an NFT avatar that you own and can personalize with enhancement NFTs, and when you roam through the world we have created - it represents your crypto specialities.

Remember blockchain certificates? Well, NFT certificates are more valuable and will be added to your NFT avatar. Blockchain scholarship? What about Learn&Earn tokenomics? - get rewarded for all of your learning efforts! And also, we are solving a huge problem for instructors,  99% of whom fail to earn substantial income from teaching - the Learn&Earn tokenomics will pay them for their content consumption without forcing users to pay. Finally, by creating a virtual world, we present a visual content map that transforms learning discovery into an exciting journey and creates demand for the best location, increasing its value.

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Learn & Earn Tokens and NFT
Launch your career in crypto by getting paid tokens and NFTs for learning about crypto. For instructors - earn even from your free content based on how many learners consume it. Learn & Earn tokenomics is made possible by partner crypto projects sponsoring learning and buying ads in order to attract users and talent.
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A Metaverse of courses
Completely new way to discover what to learn - instead of browsing marketplaces or reading reviews, roam the CryptoDegree city and check out course-buildings. For short courses - learn inside Learnoverse, for the long ones - transfer to the BitDegree e-learning platform for a better experience. Your achievements, status and NFT assets will be synched between the platforms.
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Own and trade Metaverse NFTs
Land, buildings, avatars and related items such as NFTs, allow for self-expression for both learners and instructors. They provide status in the crypto community of the metaverse. Moreover, crypto projects, influencers and brands have ample opportunity to be discovered through these assets.

BitDegree Learnoverse

Open Crypto Learning Metaverse with Learn & Earn token ecosystem. The best place to learn crypto - we are using crypto-native education concepts and delivering them in a social ecosystem of the crypto community: learners, instructors, crypto companies and influencers. 

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Anyone can learn, teach, advertise, sponsor and attract users & talent.

  • Learners - serving complete beginners as well as those on the cusp of mastery of crypto topics;
  • Instructors - anyone who has mastered a crypto topic can become an instructor and teach, mentor and earn;
  • Crypto companies - build their representation, sponsor courses, buy ads all in order to create educated user and talent flows to their projects;
  • Influencers and brands - create their representations in order to be found, engaged with, and followed as well on other social media.
  • The open metaverse leaders and contributors - we are joining you to make Learnoverse interoperable and become the lead educator in the ecosystem.


Focused on crypto and blockchain education from experts, influencers and anyone else with something of value to add to the growth and acceptance of the world of cryptocurrency.

  • Learnoverse is focusing exclusively on crypto and blockchain education and its world is called "the CryptoDegree City";
  • Crypto-focus allows us to fine-tune gamification towards user status progression and asset scarcity, which makes tokenomics sustainable;
  • We are using crypto-native concepts, such as Learn&Earn tokenomics, and NFTs for user status and rewards in a metaverse setting. And more to come;
  • Crypto community can understand the cutting-edge crypto education concepts fast, therefore our focus is on it first.
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A specialized metaverse focused on learning only, creating a new way to discover & experience learning, powered by BitDegree's learning platform.

  • For traditional metaverses, learning is just one of the use cases, for Learnoverse - it is the primary one. The entire world is comprised of learning elements as well as the opportunities that come with them; 
  • BitDegree's blockchain-enabled learning platform is powering the Learnoverse's learning side: content, achievement, status, progression, etc. What happens in the Learnoverse is mirrored on the learning platform. Hence users can have the best learning experience on whichever platform they prefer and maintain their status and assets on both.
  • Building a metaverse is not a simple task and takes time, but since BitDegree already has 1 million users and a working platform, we can start adding the building blocks of the Learnoverse and gradually transition from a 2D to a 3D CryptoDegree City. Learn&Earn tokenomics, Learndrops, NFT avatars, land and buildings will be quickly implemented.
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