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Learn to Write Smart Contracts Easily Using Solidity Online Compiler

Reading time 3 min
Published Jul 3, 2019
Updated Sep 25, 2019

When you learn Solidity, it is very handy to use an integrated development environment (IDE). Most of them support testing and help you debug your code as well. This allows beginners to write contracts that work properly.

In this tutorial, we will introduce you to the Remix Solidity online compiler. It is open source and written in JavaScript.

While Remix Ethereum IDE is not the only option available, it is considered to be the best for Solidity newbies. It lets you go through the smart contract step by step and simplifies the debugging process. It is also much quicker to get started with.

Solidity Online Compiler: Main Tips

  • Remix compiler helps you write, debug, and run smart contracts.
  • You can run Remix IDE both online and offline.
  • Two versions are available to use in your browser. One is the latest stable version, and the other is still in the development stage.

The Layout of Remix IDE

As you open Remix Solidity online compiler in your browser, you will see the layout consists of four basic parts:

Solidity Online Compiler

On the left, you have the Icon Panel. In it, you can choose a plugin you wish to see in the Swap Panel. Here are some of the most common plugins:

Name Purpose
Compiler Compiles a contract
Run & Deploy Sends a transaction
Debugger Debugs a transaction
Analysis Presents data of the last compilation

The Main Panel allows you to view and edit files in multiple tabs. It highlights Solidity keywords, making it easier to grasp the syntax. The panel recompiles the code after each change and saves it a few seconds after the last one is finished.

You can see the results and run your code in the Terminal. It shows all the important operations and transactions mined currently. You can also search for specific data and clear logs in the Terminal.

Tip: you can change the color theme of the Remix IDE layout in the Settings at the bottom of the Icon Panel.

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Stable or Alpha?

When it first launched, Remix was called Browser Solidity. Though the name changed, the compiler is still easily accessible in any browser. However, you should pay attention to the version you’re using.

The Remix team allows you to access the alpha version of their online Solidity compiler. Alpha is a version that is ready for testing, but not for a public release. Using the alpha version, you can see the newest features of the IDE.

However, as this version is still being developed, it guarantees no stability. You are welcome to play around in it, but don’t use it for important projects.

The official version of Remix Solidity online compiler receives updates only when they are verified for public release. This ensures it is stable and safe to use.

Using Remix Offline

Even though Remix is a Solidity browser compiler, you can use it without Internet access as well. For that, you will need to download Remix IDE on your computer.

The latest Remix version can always be found on GitHub. After you download the .zip file, you will have to unzip it and find the index.html file. After you open it using your browser, you will be able to access Remix IDE offline.

Solidity Online Compiler: Summary

  • Remix can be opened either online or offline.
  • You can access both the latest stable version and the alpha version of the IDE.
  • By using Remix Solidity IDE, you can easily write and run contracts, as well as debug them.

Note: if any questions or issues arise, visit the Remix Solidity community chat.