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If you were to take a thousand crypto enthusiasts, and ask them what their biggest gripe when it comes to crypto is, there’s a pretty good chance that the majority of them would answer “wallet addresses”. It’s one of the most widespread nuisances within the space, and also one that multiple service providers aim to address. In this Unstoppable Domains review, we’ll talk about one such service provider.

What is Unstoppable Domains, you may wonder? The company, launched in 2018, aims to address one of the biggest issues that plague the crypto space - long and convoluted wallet addresses. The way that UnstoppableDomains.com does this is by providing its clients with short, tangible versions of the aforementioned addresses.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though - let’s first address the issue in question, and talk about why it’s actually much more than a nuisance, and instead, is an actual issue that should be solved, as soon as possible.


  • Very simple to use
  • Domain names double as website addresses & social profiles
  • Blockchain-native levels of security
  • Aims to solve one of the biggest pain points of the crypto industry


  • Questions regarding mass adoption
  • Some domains are unavailable or reserved

The Problem: Wallet Addresses

If this isn’t your first day dealing with the topic of crypto, you’re probably well-aware of what a typical wallet address looks like. Whether it be Ethereum, Bitcoin, the Binance Chain, or any other major crypto blockchain out there, all cryptocurrency wallet addresses, by default, look extremely convoluted.

Essentially, they are all semi-random-generated strings of letters and numbers.

At first glance, this might look like a good thing - it ‘masks’ the identity of the owner of the wallet, and only manifests as this ominous, nonsensical statement on blockchain explorers, whenever you perform a transaction, send or receive crypto.

This, however, isn’t the way that most people would look at the current type of wallet addresses. Furthermore, if that were the case, services such as UnstoppableDomains wouldn’t have garnered the levels of success that it has!

Unstoppable Domains review: a name to log in across Web 3.0.

The letter-and-number-string addresses format is, for the most part, very inconvenient. Every single time that you would want to send or receive crypto, you would need to double- and triple-check the address, whether it’s correct to the very last character.

If this is your first time reading through an Unstoppable Domains review, you might say - there’s no issue, I can just copy-paste the address, and that’s it! To that, I would answer - what if your computer has a virus? Say, a specific type of keylogger that would swap your wallet address with that of the scammer, as soon as you copy it?

At first glance, this might come off as being overly cautious. However, allow me to share a story of one unfortunate individual who learned about how dangerous these types of crypto wallet addresses can be the hard way.

Unstoppable Domains review: UD statistics.

This person got their funds stolen, in a similar fashion as I’ve described above. However, the malware that they had on their device was even more advanced - it generated a wallet address that would start and end in the same few characters as the person’s actual wallet address.

So, when they’d go to double-check whether the address they’ve copy-pasted was correct, after seeing the first few characters match, they concluded that everything’s as it should be.

As you’ve probably gathered, it was not, and all of the person’s crypto holdings were stolen.

Of course, this is just one, single story, but it segues into another point that’s a bit more objective, and has more to do with our Unstoppable Domains review - the fact that a lot of ‘human errors’ occur when performing transactions, which then leads to a huge collective loss of funds.

Unstoppable Domains review: it's your name - own it.

These situations don’t even necessarily need to be scamming-related, either. Instead, it would have to do with the wallet owners overlooking some symbols in their wallet address, or accidentally altering it. If even a single digit is altered, the fund transfer would go to a whole different wallet, altogether.

Granted that crypto transactions are immutable, in a situation like this, the funds would essentially be lost forever.

This is where UnstoppableDomains.com comes in.

Unstoppable Domains Review: PROS

There are a few different aspects that we could explore first, when it comes to the Unstoppable Domains crypto project benefits, but probably the best way to start would be by addressing the core feature of this service provider - crypto domains.

Tackles an Industry-Spanning Problem

Unstoppable Domains allows its clients to make a one-time payment for a custom wallet address. The way that this works, from a user perspective, is very simple - you enter a term that you’d like to be associated with your wallet, and then get offered different variations of that term (with different endings - .xyz, .crypto, .888, and so on).

Once you choose the ending that you’d like, you would then purchase that domain name, and link your wallet address (or addresses - we’ll get to that!) with it. Now, provided you use one of the supported networks (we’ll get to that later, as well), whenever someone sends you some crypto, they will be able to input your new wallet name in the “Receiver” tab, instead of the long string of letters and numbers.

Unstoppable Domains review: a name for getting paid.

User Unstoppable Domains reviews will tell you that, to put it very shortly, the core idea behind this process is very simple - it removes the hassle and confusion associated with traditional wallet addresses.

Founded in 2018, UnstoppableDomains.com has quickly managed to become one of the leading crypto domain registrars in the space. The company has also garnered a lot of success in attracting a growing number of clients, in part thanks to its constant push to add new networks and supported tokens, as well as to keep up with the market trends, in general.

Addressing one of the major pain points of the space, UD offers clients the option to make their wallet names fully customizable and, naturally, unique to their persona. No two wallet names are ever going to be the same - once you purchase a specific domain, and the NFT is minted, it will belong to your forever, unless you choose to sell it.

Unstoppable Domains review: user feedback.

Speaking of which, this is another point worth mentioning - the wallet addresses come in the form of non-fungible tokens. The acquisition itself happens in the form of an NFT mint - thus, everything is provably fair, and you’ll be able to keep track of the entire process, too.

To sum it up, as far as the core mission of Unstoppable Domains is concerned, it all boils down to simplifying and demystifying the crypto industry, by tackling the issue of convoluted and difficult-to-manage wallet addresses.

Supports Over 300 Coins

A question that keeps popping up in many different user Unstoppable Domains reviews is that of cryptocurrency support. Specifically, does UD allow you to use your newly acquired domain name for one, specific crypto network, and a single coin, or is it multifunctional, in that regard?

Well, if this has got you wondering is Unstoppable Domains legit, rest assured - the company has thought about this, as well. As of me writing this article, UD supports over 300 different crypto coins, as well as thousands of different tokens.

How does that work, exactly?

Unstoppable Domains review: 695 integrations.

Well, for starters, you have over 300 main-chain crypto coins. These would include the likes of Ethereum, BNB, USDT, TRON, and so on. Essentially, you could view it as the number of different blockchain networks that support UnstoppableDomains.com.

Moving on, as you might be aware, many “smart” networks might also have different tokens associated with them, as well. Ethereum is the perfect example - while the blockchain itself has but a single native coin - Ether -, the network supports thousands upon thousands of different ERC tokens (ERC-20).

To circle back to my original point, user Unstoppable Domains reviews will tell you that you’ll be able to utilize your domain wallet address with a huge array of different crypto assets.

Unstoppable Domains review: investors.

The way that you would configure this is pretty simple, as well - once you purchase a domain, and it’s minted on the blockchain, you’ll be able to “attach” (associate) different wallets that you might have with your new address. Specifically, in a dedicated interface, you’ll have the option to input your wallet addresses from different networks (Ethereum, the Binance Chain, etc.).

In return, you’ll be able to utilize the single Unstoppable Domains crypto wallet domain address with most of your cryptocurrency transactions. Whenever someone sends coins or tokens to you, they will automatically go to the proper wallet, depending on the network, even though all of your wallets would fall under the same domain name. Talk about convenience!

Gas-Free Domain Mints (Polygon)

As I’ve mentioned earlier in the Unstoppable Domains review, receiving an NFT domain wallet address from UD is a one-time payment type of a deal - you select the domain name that you’d prefer, pay for it, and that’s it. There are no subscriptions, no additional fees, nothing of that sort.

That being said, though, the above only applies to UnstoppableDomains.com, directly. What some clients will soon find out is that, if they choose to mint their domain name on the Ethereum blockchain (arguably the most popular option), this would come with an additional NFT minting gas fee.

Since the transition to Proof-of-Stake, and the Merge event, in general, Ethereum’s gas fees have stabilized, significantly. That said, though, they can still be quite big, especially when it comes to activities such as non-fungible token mints.

Unstoppable Domains review: a name for your Web 3.0 profile.

The good news here, however, is that Unstoppable Domains offer a solution to this predicament - you may choose to mint your NFT on the Polygon network. This, in turn, would result in zero fees.

The Unstoppable Domains Polygon choice is fantastic for anyone who wants to save as much of their crypto funds as possible, and isn’t keen on tracking when the Ethereum network is least congested. If you don’t mind your domain name being present on Polygon, instead of Ethereum, it’s definitely the way to go!

Polygon, in itself, is a project that was created as a “backup” for Ethereum - a Layer-2 scaling solution for the aforementioned network. This, in turn, means that both blockchains are very closely related, and Polygon works to aid ETH in multiple ways - network congestion is one of them.

So, in short, if fees are what you’re worried about, rest assured - the Unstoppable Domains Polygon NFT minting method is the solution!

As Secure as Blockchain Technology Itself

Now, this is a point that works to answer the questions “is Unstoppable Domains legit?” and “is UD safe to use?”.

Security, as a whole, is probably the most important topic when it comes to cryptocurrencies. After all, if you’re using a product or service that is lacking in its security measures, this could then result in you losing access to your assets, completely - for many people, that would mean the end of their crypto journey, as a whole.

Unstoppable Domains isn’t different in this regard, either. Thankfully, due to the unique service model that the company employs, the safety of their services is equal to that of the underlying blockchain network, in itself.

What do I mean by that? Well, whenever you buy a domain name from UnstoppableDomains.com, an NFT is minted, and transferred to your non-custodial, dedicated wallet - we’ve covered that much already. The point here is that, at no point in time throughout the domain acquisition process will UD have direct access to your domain.

Unstoppable Domains review: nine unstoppable brands.

The smart contract will initiate the mint, and the domain name will immediately and automatically be transferred to your wallet. From that point onward, its security will depend on you, and you alone.

The only ways of how you might lose your Unstoppable Domains domain-wallet address are if you sell it, discard it, or someone breaks into your wallet and steals it. Assuming that you’re using a top-tier crypto wallet, employing proper crypto wallet safety practices, and are vigilant, the custom wallet address will remain in your possession forever, unless you get rid of it yourself.

Very Simple to Use

Throughout the entirety of this Unstoppable Domains review, I’ve emphasized that the core goal of the brand in question is to simplify crypto, through the realm of wallet address interactions. It’s quite self-evident that UD has, in fact, managed to do so, at least to a proper extent.

The actual simplified usage of the domain name wallet addresses is just part of the deal, however - it extends to the custom wallet address acquisition process, as well.

Unstoppable Domains review: a name for your Web3 website.

UnstoppableDomains.com features a very user-friendly interface - you don’t necessarily need to be a crypto-native individual to be able to navigate around the website, and learn the ropes of how everything works. Granted that you’ll need to have created a wallet in order to actually purchase a custom domain name, though, one would assume that you do already know your way around crypto, at least to that extent.

When it comes to purchasing the domain name, the process is very straightforward. You’d simply log in, enter the term that you’d like to use, choose a domain, provide your wallet address, and pay. Of course, I’ve oversimplified the entire process, but the gist of it is exactly that.

It’s great to know that UD emphasizes simplicity in all aspects of its services, and not only the main product itself. While it’s not necessarily something that you would find out about whilst learning what is Unstoppable Domains, without actually trying the platform out for yourself, that’s what this review is here for!

Doubles as a Website URL / Social Profile

The vast majority of our focus within this Unstoppable Domains review lies in the fact that the brand in question offers crypto domain names, as an alternative to traditional wallet addresses. That being said, it cannot be ignored that these domain names can actually double as ACTUAL domain names for a website, as well as social Web 3.0 profiles.

When it comes to websites, UD allows its clients to create a static website, which can then be uploaded to an IPFS system, with your custom NFT wallet address set as the domain name. While the website will be static, if you’ve always wanted an online page to represent yourself or your achievements, this could be the way to go!

Unstoppable Domains review: build a static website with UD.

In regards to social profiles, things are arguably even cooler! Upon purchasing your domain name, you’ll be able to create a “Domain Profile” - a dedicated, Web 3.0-oriented space, where you can showcase your NFTs, verify certain social accounts that you might have, post achievements, and so on.

It’s certainly an interactive way to utilize your newly-acquired NFT domain names! On top of that, the fact that the domains will have multiple use cases is a major factor to consider, as well.

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Unstoppable Domains Review: CONS

Up to this point in the Unstoppable Domains review, we’ve covered all of the major benefits and features associated with the company in question, as well as its service model. Now, before I let you go, there are also a few less-positive points that we need to cover, as it pertains to the topic at hand.

To tell you the truth, there are few user complaints online, when it comes to Unstoppable Domains, directly. Instead, most of the concerns are centered around a point that’s a bit more general, yet overarching - whether or not blockchain domain names will become massively adopted.

Mainstream Adoption - Still Not Guaranteed

Crypto, as an industry, is still relatively very young. Veterans in this space are used to things changing rapidly, seemingly every other week or so. This, in turn, makes the entire market very volatile and unpredictable.

The volatility extends to different trends, as well. Depending on how you look at it, blockchain domain names can currently be considered a trend - it’s a sentiment echoed in some user Unstoppable Domains reviews, as well.

To further prove that point, all that you need to do is check on just how many crypto domain name registrars have pooped up within the industry, in the last few years alone. Whether you’re looking for an Unstoppable Domains coin wallet address (which have been discontinued), or are simply interested in the company, in general, it’s clear that it isn’t the only brand with this service model.

The biggest worry that some clients of UD have is about mass adoption - specifically, whether or not crypto domain names will “stick”, or if it’s going to be yet another trend that eventually dies down, with something else taking up its place.

Unstoppable Domains review: features of UD.

Now, to be fair, the particular service offered by UnstoppableDomains.com and its competitors is definitely alluring - in order for crypto to become truly mainstream, simplicity will be key, and that’s exactly what is offered in regards to crypto domain wallet addresses.

On the flip side, we shouldn’t dismiss the 'competitor' argument, either. While Unstoppable Domains is, evidently, one of the leaders in the space, there’s an increasing number of brands offering similar services - it can be difficult to attract users who have already purchased a domain name with some other service provider!

Naturally, as of writing this, this is all just rhetoric. That said, with how fast this space is developing, these are certainly aspects that should be kept in mind, nonetheless.

Some Domain Names are Very Pricey / Reserved / Unavailable

One of the most straightforward laws of economics has to do with asset price and scarcity - the more something is scarce (rare), the higher will the price tag associated with it be, in most cases at least.

Crypto domain names are no exception. And while everyone’s definition of “pricey” will be different, it would likely be objective to say that some certain domain names available with UD are going to be very expensive.

Unfortunately, these would include most of the popular names, as well as common terms that you might think of. Take one of the most popular names in the US - James -, as an example: not only are many of the domains already bought out, but the ones that are left are very expensive!

Unstoppable Domains review: NFT name ending examples.

Of course, you could start adding variations to that name, and the price would go down, significantly. That being said, if you’re looking for a clean, one-word crypto domain name, that will most certainly cost you a lot of money.

This is only half of the issue, however - the other half revolves around some domain names being either already “reserved”, or simply unavailable.

Say, you want a specific Unstoppable Domains coin domain name. Or, perhaps, you’ve chosen a different ending, and for some reason, are adamant about getting a name with it. The disappointing thing to find out in that situation would be that your domain name simply isn’t available, or is “reserved”.

Unstoppable Domains review: premium NFT domains.

This does, naturally, limit the selection of names that you might be able to purchase. Granted that this would work in a “first come, first served” manner, it would make sense - someone else was faster, and grabbed the domain name first.

That, however, doesn’t really explain the “reserved” names. While there are certainly valid reasons for why they have this status, it does, once again, limit the potential variety of choice that you’ll have.

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I’d like to let you go by reinforcing a sentiment that I’ve echoed throughout the entirety of this Unstoppable Domains review, once again - that of simplicity within the crypto space.

By now, it’s of no secret that, in order for crypto to become absolutely mainstream and massively adopted, it needs two things, still - regulation, and ease of use. The former is very controversial, and it’s not something that we should dive deep into in this article, especially granted that we’re already at the conclusion section of the review.

The latter, though, is where services such as Unstoppable Domains come in. Not only is having a custom, easily-readable crypto domain name cool and convenient, but it’s also a major factor that works to simplify the way that we interact with the crypto space, as a whole!

Focusing on the Unstoppable Domains crypto project, as a whole, it’s undeniably one of the leaders in the space, providing its users with some lucrative crypto domain names and their endings, as well as supporting over 300 different coins and thousands of tokens.

While there are some concerns regarding the mass adoption of this wallet address model, they aren’t really necessarily directly related to Unstoppable Domains. As a standalone service, UD is definitely worth checking out! And don’t forget - you can save a lot on gas fees while minting your NFT domain name, if you decide to use the Polygon network as your preferred option!

With that said, thanks so much for reading, and until next time!

The content published on this website is not aimed to give any kind of financial, investment, trading, or any other form of advice. BitDegree.org does not endorse or suggest you to buy, sell or hold any kind of cryptocurrency. Before making financial investment decisions, do consult your financial advisor.

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Can I buy Unstoppable Domains ".coin" domain names?

No - as of late 2022, Unstoppable Domains have discontinued their offering of ".coin" ending domain names. This is because the company found out that there's a collision with another company - Emercoin - that is offering these same domain names endings, and has been doing so for a long period of time. Thus, Unstoppable Domains coin name endings are no longer available, and owners of names involving these endings are being offered three times the money that they've paid for them, initially.

Can Unstoppable Domains be sold?

Yes! Client Unstoppable Domain reviews will tell you that, if you'd like to purchase a domain from the brand as a form of a potential investment, you can definitely do so. Since domains are stored in your own, non-custodial wallet, in the form of NFTs, you are free to do with them as you please, once you've made the initial purchase.

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