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Crypto Terms:  Letter B
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 02, 2024

What is Blockchain Explorer?

Blockchain Explorer Meaning:
Blockchain Explorer - is a program that allows users to look through the blockchain records.
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Let's find out Blockchain Explorer meaning, definition in crypto, what is Blockchain Explorer, and all other detailed facts.

Various records of the distributed ledger can be analyzed via blockchain explorer. Since clarity is very important in cryptocurrencies, blockchain explorers make sure users take advantage of it.

Users can utilize the tool to track the status of their pending transactions, as well as to see the remaining balance of a wallet they hold. Moreover, it’s also possible to see every transaction a particular wallet took part in.

The majority of cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, have transparent ledgers that document all exchanges that are checked and certified by node administrators. Nonetheless, as these currencies become more popular, hundreds of deals are conducted each minute, making it difficult to retrieve data from the blockchain.

Aside from that, blockchain explorers allow users to enter a public or private address and acquire knowledge on all transactions that flow to and from that address. Users are also able to see blocks that aren’t attached to the main blockchain, as well as the new ones that were added.

Even though blockchain explorers are made to showcase the transparency of distributed ledger technology, additional tools can secure the anonymity of addresses that do exchanges on the blockchain. One of which would be the coin mixer that masks the origin of a transaction.

When a user submits assets to a coin mixer, the program mixes multiple other incoming transactions and delivers a whole new set of tokens to the ultimate address, which cannot be identified. As a result, while the transaction will be recorded on the blockchain, the destination address will remain unknown.

How Does the Blockchain Explorer Work?

To gain the information, numerous technological steps must be performed, including the usage of application programming interfaces and databases, as well as a blockchain node. The information is put into a database and made searchable.

The explorer server then generates a website from which it can engage with users. Requests for searches are sent to the backend server, which responds to the user interface.

Finally, the user interface and API deliver website content in HTML format to the user's browser, so that the results may be viewed in a coherent form.

If we look at it from a user's perspective, to use the blockchain explorer, they are obligated to type in a search query in the interface of the explorer, and then the software sends it out.

Some users can check information on the current status of transaction validation, the number of requests remaining, and the list of unconfirmed transactions. It depends on which blockchain explorer they utilize.