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Best Crypto Airdrops: List of 12 Unique Airdrops (And How to Get Them)

The best crypto airdrops can be a quick and (relatively) easy way to kickstart your portfolio, or simply get into crypto, in general. Depending on what you’re looking for, getting an airdrop can be as simple as clicking a few buttons, and following a few instructions.

On the other hand, airdrops can also quickly turn into a hobby of sorts - there are many Web3 enthusiasts out there who spend countless hours of their days hunting for the best airdrops on the market, thus becoming active participants in various Web3 communities.

Whatever your goals might be, we’ll cover all bases in this extensive list. In order to do so, though, we first need to establish a clear methodology for finding the best upcoming airdrops, as well as discuss a few unorthodox approaches that can be considered airdrops, such as the BitDegree Web3 Exam NFT Certificates of Completion.

Crypto Day Trading VS Swapping: What’s More Rewarding? (Animated)

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Crypto Day Trading VS Swapping: What’s More Rewarding? (Animated)

Crypto Day Trading VS Swapping: What’s More Rewarding? (Animated) Crypto Day Trading VS Swapping: What’s More Rewarding? (Animated)

The Approach: Low-, Medium-, and High-Effort Airdrops

Looking at lists of crypto airdrops available online, you might soon notice that they’re often categorized rather chaotically. To be fair, there really are many different ways of how you can approach discussing the best crypto airdrops - it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Latest Deal Active Right Now:

To keep things extra simple, though, we’ll conduct our list with “low-, medium-, and high-effort” airdrop categories. Let me explain.

Low-effort” airdrops are essentially those that require little to no effort to receive. An example would be an airdrop that only requires you to visit a website, and click a few buttons to be claimable.

Best crypto airdrops: a man looking for an airdrop at his laptop.

Following that, “medium-effort” airdrops might ask you to do a few more things. Maybe follow the Twitter accounts of the underlying projects? Or, share the airdrop with 2 or 3 of your friends?

Lastly, you have the “high-effort” airdrops. As the term might imply, these are airdrops that will require you to put in some time and effort to receive your reward. Typically, these drops require you to perform some blockchain-based actions, become an active member of the project’s community, spread the word about said project in your social circle, and so on.

I’ll give you examples of the best crypto airdrops in all three categories, so that you could pick and choose the ones that appeal to you the most. Before that, though, there are a few honorable picks, first.

Honorable Picks

There are services, products, and platforms out there that you wouldn’t think to call “airdrops”, but that possess all of the key characteristics of one. If we’re discussing the *best* crypto airdrops, it would be a huge disservice to neglect to mention these projects and services, too.

The BitDegree Web3 Exam

Not long ago, BitDegree launched the Web3 Exam. It’s an innovative take on learning crypto and Web3 topics, while having fun and potentially winning some prizes.

The Exam combines elements of theory and practice, allowing learners to both test themselves in regards to the knowledge that they currently possess, as well as learn something new. Theoretical materials are complemented by practical tasks, and the whole experience feels much more like a game, rather than an “exam”.

I hear you asking - what does this project have to do with airdrops? Well, remember those prizes I mentioned? If they do well in the Exam, learners have the opportunity to win awesome prizes from a $500k-worth prize pool. That said, scoring at least 10 points from any level of the Exam will also unlock something else - the opportunity to mint a free BitDegree NFT Certificate of Completion.

Best crypto airdrops: the BitDegree Web3 Exam.

First of all, yes - the certificate is completely free to mint. There are no hidden costs or weird fees - in other words, no catch. The only requirement is for the student to reach a point threshold - specifically, if you score 10 points in any of the Exam levels, you become eligible to receive said certificate.

Once you initiate the mint, the NFT Certificate of Completion will get “airdropped” into your wallet in a few seconds. Simple as that.

Alright, that’s cool and all - but why should you care about this specific certificate, then?

Best crypto airdrops: the BitDegree Web3 Exam NFT Certificate of Completion.

BitDegree NFT Certificates of Completion act as a sort of “Proof of Learn” concept. They will showcase your Web3 skills in any of the particular levels (Starter, Explorer, or Evangelist) via point thresholds that they feature. This way, if you ever need some proof of your claims about how skillful you are in regards to Web3, you’ll have this certificate to back those claims up.

Additionally, with BitDegree planning to launch more Guilds in the future, those same NFT Certificates of Completion might yield additional benefits - exclusive access to events, closed communities, and so on. As cliché as it may sound, the possibilities are truly endless!

Best crypto airdrops: BitDegree Web3 Exam participation.

To reiterate, getting yourself the BitDegree NFT Certificate of Completion is nearly effortless, as well. Scoring at least 10 points in the Exam shouldn’t prove to be too difficult of a feat, especially given that you’ll often have content pieces to aid you.

You can access the Exam on the BitDegree official website.

Crypto Faucets

Cryptocurrency faucets are a rather unique piece of technology that’s been around for a very long time now. Surprisingly, as more and more people come into Web3 and crypto, it would seem that their popularity and general recognition is beginning to wane. That shouldn’t be the case, though - crypto faucets are extremely useful, and can even be considered a form of airdrop, too!

The way that most faucets work is that they’ll ‘airdrop’ you some crypto for a task that they’ll ask you to perform. These tasks can be as simple as visiting some website, clicking a few buttons, or even watching an ad or two.

Sure, there are “high-effort” faucets out there, as well - ones that will require a lot more dedication and time on your end. However, these usually yield far bigger rewards, as well.

The thing that puts faucets among the best crypto airdrops is the simple fact that, in most cases, they can be recurring, and rotated on a daily basis. So, you might find five great faucets that can only be accessed once per day - you make a schedule for yourself, and every single day, you perform tasks to get rewards.

While cryptocurrency faucets might not be a frequent entry on lists of top crypto airdrops, it all depends on how you view it - granted that they’re a relatively easy way to get free crypto, I’d say they definitely deserve a mention!

ICO Drops

Just as a quick heads-up - ICO drops are a huge part of the answer to the question of “what are crypto airdrops?”. Given that they take up an almost separate category of this concept, I’ve decided that they’re worth discussing separately, in general.

ICO” stands for “Initial Coin Offering”. ICOs are when new crypto projects try to raise funding, by selling their tokens in an initial crowdfunding event. They were super-popular back in 2017-2018, which is the period when most people might have heard about them, but do still frequently take place these days, as well.

“ICO drops” are kind of self-explanatory - they’re crypto airdrops that are provided to specific groups of wallet addresses, belonging to people who have fulfilled some sort of a requirement set forward by the project behind the drop.

Best crypto airdrops: three physical ETH coins stacked on a table, representing the Ethereum ICO.

Here’s a typical example - say, you found a really cool Web3 startup that’s related to environmental issues, and that’s currently raising funds. They’re about to hold their ICO, and will do an ICO drop for a select group of people. In order to be featured in that group (whitelisted), enthusiasts need to become active participants of their Discord, as well as offer suggestions on how the project could help the environment in their respective regions.

Same as even the best crypto airdrops, ICO drops are kind of a gamble - some might be very successful, while others - not so much.

Best Low-Effort Crypto Airdrops

Now, then - if the honorable picks aren't enough to satisfy you, we can get to the best crypto airdrops that require minimum to no effort to receive. Let’s check them out.

How Can You Earn Money With Axie Infinity? (AXS Animated Explainer)

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How Can You Earn Money With Axie Infinity? (AXS Animated Explainer)

How Can You Earn Money With Axie Infinity? (AXS Animated Explainer) How Can You Earn Money With Axie Infinity? (AXS Animated Explainer)

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a well-known crypto token associated with the Brave browser. The entire project is centered around advertising, or rather - taking the power of your personal information, and giving it back to the owner, once again - you.

Best crypto airdrops: Brave Browser.

Brave allows you to opt in and out of seeing ads. If you choose to view certain ads, you will receive some BAT tokens for doing so - in other words, you’ll get an airdrop into your wallet. This isn’t even part of recent airdrops or upcoming airdrops - instead, it’s something that’s accessible at any given point in time!

This is how you can claim your BAT airdrop:

Step 1: Download the Brave browser and install it.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Join Rewards” section.

Step 3: Go to “Settings”, and enable ads there.

Step 4: That’s it - all that’s left to do is to use Brave instead of your other browsers, and you’ll start seeing ads on a regular basis. For each ad that you view, your reward will increase, and once a threshold is reached, you’ll be able to claim it via a payment (airdrop) to your wallet.

A truly low-effort crypto airdrop! You can expect to earn up to 40 BAT tokens per month.

Ruby Protocol

The Ruby Protocol is an “intent-centric account & access layer for Web3”. In normal human language, it’s a project that aims to make Web3 more accessible and approachable, with its main concern being privacy. Ruby offers multiple products to its users that all, in one way or another, center around promoting privacy within Web3.

Best crypto airdrops: Ruby Protocol.

Judging by the user-made lists of crypto airdrops found online, the Ruby airdrop seems to be somewhat confusing, since the project doesn't really appear to have a native token just yet. However, it's likely that the drop is in relation to the upcoming token launch, since rewards are offered in Ruby tokens. This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Navigate to Ruby’s official website, and sign up.

Step 2: Grab your one-of-a-kind referral link, and share it with your friends.

Step 3: Your friends will need to sign up on Ruby One, and you will all need to complete the referral OAT.

Step 4: After that, all you need to do is wait for your rewards!

As far as the best crypto airdrops go, you can expect to receive up to 25 Ruby tokens for each friend that you successfully refer.


Utopia is a rather unique crypto-powered project. It was designed and developed by the “1984 Group” - a group of anonymous technology enthusiasts whose primary goal is to eliminate censorship and foster freedom of expression on a global scale.

Best crypto airdrops: Utopia.

Utopia seemed to pop up on many airdrop enthusiasts’ radars due to their current initiative. Essentially, they’re airdropping their CRP tokens every single day, in small portions, to thousands of users. This is what you need to do if you want to participate:

Step 1: Download Utopia from its official website.

Step 2: Register on the platform.

Step 3: Stay online.

As funny as it sounds, that’s actually it! Albeit it’s one of those best crypto airdrops that are truly low-effort to receive, it’s naturally going to be quite sought-after, as well, so getting rewards might not be too simple. Depending on your luck, you might receive anywhere from 0.01 to 100 CRP tokens daily.

Best Medium-Effort Crypto Airdrops

With the low-effort upcoming and recent airdrops out of the way, let’s turn our sights to those drops that require a little bit more of an investment of time, patience, and effort.

Coinbase Learn

Coinbase likely needs no introduction - it’s one of the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency exchange platforms on the market. Interestingly enough, being home to many different products, Coinbase does also offer some of the best crypto airdrops, as well.

The airdrops from this particular CEX come in the form of rewards for learning. This is part of the Coinbase Learn initiative - you learn about crypto, and get rewarded with small numbers of tokens for your efforts. It’s cool in that it’s a win-win situation - you can both learn something new, and earn, at the same time!

Best crypto airdrops: Coinbase Learn.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Create an account on Coinbase, and verify it (pass the KYC checks). You can only have one Coinbase account at a time, and need to make sure that you reside in an eligible country.

Step 2: Purchase some cryptocurrency.

Step 3: With your account now being valid to receive rewards from the Coinbase Learn initiative, all that’s left to do is join it, and start watching videos or solving quizzes. You should receive small amounts of crypto for every action you complete!

The exact amounts of cryptocurrency that you’ll receive are difficult to predict, and will depend on multiple variables. It’s not going to be much, but it can add up over time!


OKX is a well-known crypto exchange platform. It’s supported in over 150 countries around the world, and features more than 300 different crypto assets, available to be traded and exchanged. The platform isn’t available for US- and Canada-based users, however, so if you reside in any of these countries, you’ll need to look for alternative upcoming airdrops.

Best crypto airdrops: OKX.

If you do reside in a country eligible for the OKX crypto airdrop, though, this is what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Register on OKX and pass the KYC verification checks.

Step 2: Make a deposit of a minimum of $50.

Step 3: If the airdrop is still available, you should see an option to open a Mystery Gift.

The OKX airdrop can range up to $10,000, if you’re extremely lucky.


Leancoin is a Solana-based Web3 ecosystem. Boiling it down, the project aims to become a globally-utilized means of payment for both business, as well as non-business activites. The native token of the same name serves a utility purpose within the ecosystem.

Best crypto airdrops: Leancoin.

One of the core goals of Leancoin is to build project awareness. It’s hosting a webinar in January 2024, with participants receiving Leancoin airdrops after the event. Here’s how you can join:

Step 1: Register on the webinar event page.

Step 2: Attend the webinar in January.

Step 3: That’s it - you should receive the airdrop of Leancoins into the wallet address that you’ve provided!

The reward amount is unspecified.

Best High-Effort Crypto Airdrops

To round things off, let’s take a look at the best crypto airdrops that’ll require you to put in some effort and patience to receive. These are among the most exciting potential upcoming airdrops of 2024, however, so they’re surely worth keeping in mind!

ZkSync Era

ZkSync Era is a Layer-2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain. In simple terms, it aims to streamline the processes taking place on the network in question, as well as make it more scalable. ZkSync Era has raised nearly half a billion dollars in funding, which puts a lot of eyes on the project.

The airdrop isn’t confirmed yet; however, people are already theorizing and talking about it online. Granted that many airdrops require you to participate within the project’s ecosystem earlier than the airdrop is actually announced, it might be a good idea to start early.

Best crypto airdrops: ZkSync Era.

Enthusiasts also theorize that, whenever the ZkSync Era airdrop is actually announced, interaction with the multiple bridges related to the project is going to be a huge factor in who is eligible to receive it. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to start “warming upyour wallet, and begin bridging your tokens with ZkSync Era!


LayerZero is an exciting blockchain interoperability project. Its goal is essentially to help different blockchain networks communicate with each other in an easier and less resource-intensive manner.

LayerZero has garnered a lot of buzz recently, as it confirmed a token distribution event is on the horizon - up until a month ago, it was mere speculation. If the tokens in question will be distributed the way that enthusiasts expect, the upcoming crypto airdrop should take place sometime in the first half of 2024.

Best crypto airdrops: LayerZero.

Granted that LayerZero is a huge project, connecting multiple Layer-1 networks, there are quite a few different things that you might think to do in order to potentially become eligible for an airdrop. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) interacting with the StarkGate and Aptos bridges, using PancakeSwap, voting on proposals on Snapshot, and many more.

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Starknet is yet another name that’s been in the news as of late, due to a confirmed airdrop in the works. The thing that makes this Web3 project stand out is the community support that it has received throughout its history of operations, combined with a huge surge of interest when the airdrop was announced.

Best crypto airdrops: Starknet.

Starknet is a zero-knowledge rollup project that makes Ethereum transactions both faster, as well as cheaper to perform. This being the case, combined with the current lack of clarity when it comes to the requirements for the token distribution, means that your best bet in receiving a Starknet crypto airdrop is to interact with the project, bridge tokens, and perform swaps.

The date for the airdrop is currently unknown, but the project states that it will happen “soon”.

What are Crypto Airdrops?

Now that we have a list of the best crypto airdrops to look out for in early 2024, I do also want to give you some context, as well. Specifically, what are crypto airdrops, and how do they work?

As you might have gathered already, an “airdrop” is essentially a token or other digital asset distribution event[1]. It’s like an umbrella term that references a token transfer to your wallet, from a project of some kind, and without any payment needed.

Best crypto airdrops: airdrop examples on Binance.

Airdrops come in all shapes and sizes, and depend on a variety of factors. On top of that, there are new ones being announced every single day - thus, if you want to keep up, you’ll need to spend A LOT of time sorting through the market. Being so popular, airdrops can often weigh the network down[2], as well. 

One point that’s worth mentioning here is that a lot of airdrops require enthusiasts to perform actions way before the airdrop is actually announced. In other words, it’s often a good idea to interact with Web3 projects simply due to the fact that you’re a fan of what they’re doing - the airdrop, in this case, becomes like an added bonus.

What it all boils down to is that you essentially have a chance to receive the best crypto airdrops simply for being an active member of Web3. Naturally, that’s not really surprising!

Before You Go

Before I let you go, let’s run through a few points that are worth keeping in mind.

First of all, the airdrops mentioned in the list above are either upcoming, or happening currently - depending on when it is that you’re reading this, not all of them might be available. So, always make sure to double-check!

Following that, while it can seem rather simple to answer the question of “how to get crypto airdrops?”, it really depends on the airdrop itself. Some of them are rather straightforward - the ones listed in the “low effort” category are good examples.

Best crypto airdrops: BitDegree Web3 Exam prize pool.

On the other hand, some will certainly require a bit more effort. Even then, not all effort is equal - in some cases, you might need to interact with bridges, swap tokens, or lend out NFTs. If any of those activities aren’t too appealing to you, they might prove to be a headache.

On the flip side, some effort-requiring airdrops can actually be really useful! The BitDegree Web3 Exam is a good example - sure, you receive an airdrop after you finish it, which is the intended goal. However, as you’re participating in the activity, you’re able to actually learn something new, and improve / test your existing knowledge, at the same time!

Lastly, do keep in mind that in order to truly get a grasp on how do crypto airdrops work, you’ll need to do a lot of your own research. Cliché as it may sound, with the DeFi landscape changing and growing at an increasingly rapid pace, naturally, airdrops aren’t lagging behind, either. It seems that there are new types of airdrops and token allocation methods coming into existence every other day or so.


That wraps up the list of the best crypto airdrops, both recent and upcoming!

We’ve covered ICO drops, listed top crypto airdrops from a variety of categories, and even glanced over what are crypto airdrops, in the first place. No matter what sort of a drop you might be looking for, I believe that you should be able to find it from the list above!

Granted that most enthusiasts are usually looking to participate in multiple different airdrops, at the same time, feel free to check out the ones that interest you the most! On top of that, as you’re bridging tokens and performing complex swaps, do also check out the BitDegree Web3 Exam, for a chance to mint a free NFT Certificate of Completion, as well as win some amazing prizes!

Scientific References

1. C. Goforth: 'It's Raining Crypto: The Need for Regulatory Clarification When it Comes to Airdrops';

2. M. Fröwis, R. Böhme: 'The Operational Cost of Ethereum Airdrops'.

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Are crypto airdrops taxable?

The answer to the question "are crypto airdrops taxable?" is going to depend on where you reside. However, in most places around the world, airdrops are considered taxable events, and thus, the recipient will need to pay an income tax, depending on the size and nature of the airdrop. Naturally, if you receive an airdrop that has only a utility purpose (such as the BitDegree NFT Certificate of Completion), doesn't have a monetary value and cannot be sold, you will likely not need to pay any taxes on it.

How to find crypto airdrops?

If you're looking at how to find crypto airdrops, a good option would be to follow airdrop news online. However, even such lists are often lacking, when it comes to listing upcoming airdrops, or ones that are hosted by smaller projects. What this means is that you should participate in and be an active member of various Web3 communities - this way, you have a guarantee that when an airdrop does launch, you'll be among the first to know! It's one of the ways students at BitDegree learned about the launch of the Web3 Exam and Missions, too!

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Are all the top cryptocurrency exchanges based in the United States?

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