Unstoppable Domains and BitDegree to Distribute $50M Worth of NFT Domains

Unstoppable Domains and BitDegree to Distribute $50M Worth of NFT Domains

Unstoppable Domains and BitDegree are giving a chance for Web3 newbies and enthusiasts to earn a free NFT Domain.

The US Web3 startup Unstoppable Domains and blockchain-based crypto education platform BitDegree is collaborating to hand out NFT Domain rewards to every student who completes any Web3-related course on the BitDegree platform.

Throughout the 30-day Learn & Earn campaign, companies are planning to hand out a jaw-dropping $50 million worth of NFT Domains. After completing the chosen course, each participant will receive an NFT domain worth up to $50. With the domain, users can change their long Web3 wallet address to a shorter and customized name, such as "gamergod.crypto" or "unicorn.x."

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When talking about their newest partnership, CEO and Co-Founder of BitDegree Danielius Stasiulis noted that this campaign aims to encourage newcomers to not only learn about Web3, but to also join in.

We have decided to launch a massive campaign to capture the world’s attention - which we believe is the biggest Learn&Earn campaign in the history of crypto. In particular, we want our students to learn about the Web3 identity as the time is ripe for its adoption.

It is worth noting that all students will be eligible to receive their reward, regardless if they completed the course during the campaign or before it launched.

Students can also choose from more than 5 Web3-related courses. However, if they are eager to learn more about Web3 identity and its potential, BitDegree has launched a dedicated course called NFT Domains: The Future of Web3 Identity. Throughout the course, students will learn about digital identities and their use cases.

Unstoppable Domains Senior Vice President and Channel Chief Sandy Carter said that their collaboration with BitDegree is a great way to attract more people to Web3.

Web3 is still in its dial-up days, and education is the key to getting more people started. That’s why we’re so excited to help more people start their Web3 journey through this campaign.

BitDegree users can also use Unstoppable Login to access the learning platform. Unstoppable Domains has launched a single-sign-on product, which allows students to log in using their NFT Domains.

The collaboration with Unstoppable Domains is one of the latest BitDegree projects, and it doesn’t stop with giving away NFT domains. It is reported that Unstoppable Domains are working on releasing profile badges to BitDegree students who have completed Web3 courses.

In April, BitDegree announced the launch of Learnoverse, the first crypto learning metaverse.

Gile K. - Crypto Analyst

by Gile K. - Crypto Analyst, BitDegree