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OneOf Launches The Notorious B.I.G. NFT Collection "The Sky's The Limit"

OneOf Launches The Notorious B.I.G. NFT Collection "The Sky's The Limit"

OneOf pays a tribute to American rapper The Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls in the NFT collection “The Sky’s the Limit”.

OneOf, a green NFT marketplace, which connects music artists and their fans, has collaborated with The Christopher Wallace Estate to create Biggie Smalls' NFT collection

On July 26, the collection went live on the OneOf platform containing 3,000 art pieces, which resemble Biggie's lifestyle and lyrics

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The co-founder of OneOf, Josh James when talking about the name of the collection notes:

We named this collection ‘Sky’s the Limit’ because we believe this is a watershed moment in NFTs where seminal artists like Biggie and their truest fans can drive culture and drive value together.

After buying the NFTs the holder will get access to "the Sky’s the Limit" collectible. All of the holders of these NFTs will be granted voting rights to determine which artists, DJs, or musicians will use Biggie’s previously unlicensed freestyles.

When the artist receives the approval of holders, they can then use the sample in their own music with the label “featuring Notorious B.I.G.” 

By claiming the NFTs the holders will also receive access to the Brook Metaverse. This Web3 project will allow the NFT owners to experience the streets of Brooklin that Biggie once lived in.

According to the press release, OneOf is also planning to launch a metaverse-based live performance of American rapper Notorious B.I.G. 

Josh James thinks that the collaboration with Biggie is one of their biggest NFT projects yet. He shares his excitement by stating: 

Once we closed the deal, I think we all felt this weight. Like wow, we're doing this with Biggie! We needed to make sure that we would respect his legacy, and I think we felt a responsibility to do it in the most authentic and real way possible.

It is worth noting that "the Sky's the Limit" collection has sold out in less than a day

This is not the first time Web3 companies incorporate the legacy of popular artists into their projects. In January, Elvis Presley's estate and Decentraland joined forces to create “a Web3 vault of the artists' intellectual property”. 

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