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From $220K to $730K in 7 Days: A Trader’s Journey with BYDFi and BitDegree

Key Takeaways

  • After deepening the knowledge about crypto trading on BitDegree and discovering BYDFi, a trader managed to grow their investment from $220K to $730K in just one week;
  • BYDFi's extensive trading tools, real-time market insights, and fair trading fees provide the necessary support for effective and profitable trading;
  • BYDFi futures bonuses can be used to reduce margin, trading fees, and funding fees.
From $220K to $730K in 7 Days: A Trader’s Journey with BYDFi and BitDegree

Imagine turning $220,000 into $730,000 in just seven days. One lucky trader did exactly that after mastering the fundamentals of crypto trading and discovering BYDFi on BitDegree.

The trader’s journey began with a clear goal: to understand the crypto world better. To do that, they turned to BitDegree, the leading Web3 education hub known for its extensive learning materials.

Exploring gamified Missions, tutorials on trading strategies, and comprehensive reviews of crypto platforms, the trader learned the fundamentals of crypto trading and stumbled upon a popular crypto exchange, BYDFi.

Intrigued by its offerings, they decided to try it out. BYDFi stood out with its cutting-edge trading tools, real-time market insights, and the possibility of withdrawing high sums of money without much hassle.

On April 13th, 2024, the trader invested $220,000 in the crypto exchange. Utilizing the knowledge gained from BitDegree and the perpetual futures tool on BYDFi, they skillfully navigated the volatile yet promising crypto market.

The combination of a strong educational foundation and advanced trading capabilities proved to be a winning formula. Just seven days later, on April 20th, the trader was able to withdraw $730,000 from BYDFi, growing their investment by $510,000. This spectacular growth in such a short period showcases the power of knowledge and the right trading platform.

The screenshots of the trader's PNL and trade history on BYDFi.

Speaking of which, while the trader in question explored the perpetual futures market on BYDFi, it’s not the only trading option on the platform. For starters, it offers traditional spot trading and crypto purchasing features.

Besides those, it also offers the Convert tool, which allows exchanging digital currencies with just one click. Overall, the exchange supports over 400 cryptocurrencies.

BYDFi doesn’t stop at traditional trading tools, though. It also allows users to participate in automated trading via trading bots. As of writing this, there are three types of trading bots present on the exchange: Spot Grid for arbitrage trading, Spot Investment for long-term strategies, and Spot Martingale for reducing average costs.

As for the derivatives market, BYDFi supports both USDT-M perpetual contracts and COIN-M perpetual contracts, allowing users to trade with up to 200x leverage. However, the maximum leverage for each trading pair is different. By the way, the spot market on BYDFi also supports leveraged trading, but with a slightly smaller leverage – 125x.

One way or another, the leverage offered by the platform is pretty high compared to some other crypto exchanges. Just keep in mind that higher leverage means higher risk.

Buying your first coin on BYDFi.

Traders who want to participate in leveraged trading with smaller risks can try out BYDFi’s leveraged tokens. They allow trading with up to 3x leverage but without margin and have their own risk control mechanisms.

The best part about BYDFi’s derivatives market, though, is that it also supports demo trading. So, if you want to test out your knowledge and trading strategies before investing actual money into crypto, you can easily do that on BYDFi.

If you decide to trade for real, note that this exchange offers fair trading fees. Spot trading fees fluctuate between 0.1% and 0.02%, while in futures trading, the maker fee is 0.02%, and the taker fee is 0.06%.

Also, let’s not forget BYDFi’s futures bonuses (or perpetual contract bonuses), which can be earned by completing actions on the exchange or during various campaigns. Futures bonuses can be used to reduce margin, trading fees, and funding fees when trading perpetual futures contracts.

That said, are you ready to transform your crypto journey, too? Explore BYDFi today and see how far your knowledge can take you. For more useful insights and learning material, visit BitDegree.

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From $220K to $730K in 7 Days: A Trader’s Journey with BYDFi and BitDegree



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