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"Crypto: The Game" Could Win First Emmy for the Industry

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto: The Game (CTG) has been nominated for an Emmy;
  • CTG involves 80-player tribes competing in daily challenges, with the last survivor winning the prize;
  • Uniswap Labs acquired CTG on June 11, ensuring its founders continue development.
"Crypto: The Game" Could Win First Emmy for the Industry

Uniswap Labs might make history with its recently acquired online survival game, Crypto: The Game (CTG), which is being considered for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Emerging Media Program category.

This marks the first time a crypto project has been considered for this prestigious award.

CTG will compete against various innovative media programs, including the 2023 Billboard Awards, Fallout: Vault 33, and projects from well-known figures such as singer Doja Cat, film director Eli Roth, actress Lucy Liu, and composer Jean-Michel Jarre.

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What is Ripple? Beginner-Friendly XRP Explainer (Animated)

What is Ripple? Beginner-Friendly XRP Explainer (Animated) What is Ripple? Beginner-Friendly XRP Explainer (Animated)

Crypto: The Game follows a reality show format where ten "tribes," each consisting of 80 players, compete in daily "immunity challenges" to survive the game and ultimately win the prize. Each game season lasts ten days (the newest one will be the third) with a 24-hour gameplay cycle, unfolding in real-time on the Base blockchain.

Fans can keep up with the action through platforms like X and Farcaster or a dedicated podcast, called "Boys Club."

To participate in CTG, players pay an entry fee of 0.1 Ether (ETH), with the last survivor claiming the pot. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that serve as entry tickets sold out within 15 minutes in the second season. Players can trade them, with the buyer then receiving their game position.

Throughout the game, losing tribes vote members out, and players can gain personal immunity by promoting the game on social media. The finale sees eliminated players voting for one of the last two remaining competitors.

The first season offered a prize of approximately $150,000, while the second season's prize surged to $274,000, fueled by rising ETH prices.

Dylan Abruscato, the lead developer, said that the CTG community comprises members from the crypto X community, influencers, market participants, and around 10%-15% newcomers with no prior crypto experience.

Uniswap Labs, an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange, acquired CTG on June 11, just before the Emmy nomination ballot was announced. The acquisition deal ensures CTG's founders—Abruscato, Tyler Cagle, and Bryan Lee—will continue to develop CTG, now as part of the Uniswap Labs team.

The potential Emmy nomination highlights the growing intersection between crypto and mainstream media.

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