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Chainers Inches Closer to NFT Launch Following Whitelist Announcement

Chainers Inches Closer to NFT Launch Following Whitelist Announcement

Chainers has introduced their non-fungible token (NFT) whitelist, one of the most ambitious non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse projects. Based on a Polygon sidechain, the project is now inviting interested parties to join its NFT project and be among the first to receive tokens.

Members of the community on the whitelist will be able to mint Chainers NFTs before they sell out. Early minting will also be half the price of ordinary NFTs, making it an excellent investment opportunity for enthusiasts.

Polygon Sidechain's NFT Juggernaut Takes Flight 

Chainers has attracted a significant level of investor interest. The platform aims to be the next big thing in Web3, merging blockchain games with NFTs and the metaverse to provide a seamless and immersive entertainment experience.

The Chainers NFT collection consists of hundreds of characters, all of whom share alien-like traits. Although they confirmed that the NFTs would include characters with 15 different races and over 500 traits, the developers are yet to share the first look at the NFTs. The collection’s rarity will be made clear after the reveal, after the tokens are minted. 

The Chainers NFT grants access to the platform's in-app NFT marketplace, allowing users to create digital items and sell them as NFTs. 

These are additional benefits of the Chainers NFT: 

  • Governance: Each NFT holder gets a right to vote on platform developments within the community. 
  • Game access: The Chainers NFTs are the only guaranteed entry point into the upcoming gaming platform, serving as each player’s character and likeness.
  • Community incentives: Holders of the NFTs will be given priority access to several community events - from raffles and draws to giveaways and more. 
  • Customization: NFT holders can customize their Chainers and environments in the digital world.

NFTs Hitting Mainstream Consciousness

Since their emergence in 2017, digital collectibles have come a long way. NFTs, meant to serve as a deed of ownership, have now sipped into several industries, including gaming, music, arts, and overall entertainment.

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Jay Z are strongly behind the new cultural movement as the sub-sector explodes in use cases. At press time, the NFT space has a $40 billion total value locked (TVL),  with more expected.

Of this total market cap, the Ethereum network controls a significant chunk. But this is fast changing following the boom of alternative layer-1 smart contract networks powered by the Polygon blockchain. 

Today, the new attraction is NFTs powered by the Polygon blockchain. A number of NFT marketplaces are built on the world’s most scalable blockchain protocol, with eye-catching NFTs uploaded for bids. The draw is Polygon network's high throughput and low fees.

According to the hybrid blockchain protocol, over 5.7 million NFTs are currently built on its platform, with a $970 million market cap. On average, each NFT costs $1.5 to mint. This is quite investor-friendly compared to the high fees users have to churn out on the Ethereum network.

How To Join The Chainers Whitelist 

The developers of Chainers have opened up the whitelist to all interested prospective investors. Entry is available through the following channels:

  1. Participation in raffles on the official Chainers event page
  2. Following Chainers on Twitter and partaking in various activities there, and
  3. Joining the official Chainers Discord channel. Here, users gain even more chances to get a whitelist spot.

Chainers inches closer to NFT launch following whitelist announcement: the Chainers crypto city.

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Chainers Inches Closer to NFT Launch Following Whitelist Announcement


Chainers Team

[email protected]

Chainers is a Polygon sidechain-based blockchain platform that looks to blend gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse. The platform, launched in 2022, revolves around its NFTs, which represent aliens known as “Chainers”. According to the platform’s developers, Chainers are aliens who came to the Earth and are looking to socialise.  

As part of its product roadmap, Chainers will be launched as a browser app that welcomes gamers and Web3 degens from all across the world. 

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