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What is Ryuk Ransomware?

Ryuk Ransomware MEANING:
Ryuk Ransomware - is a type of targeted malicious software that first appeared in August 2018.
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Ryuk Ransomware is malware that attacks a specific victim’s computer and holds the data within for ransom. 

What makes this ransomware so dangerous is its unusual design. While most malicious software variants are aimed at the masses, Ryuk Ransomware is targeted. Hackers that utilize Ryuk prefer quality over quantity, therefore, they select each victim individually

There are three major steps of attacking with Ryuk Ransomware. Firstly, cybercriminals infect the victim’s computer. This is usually done by sending them spear-phishing emails. These emails are used in various ways. Sometimes they immediately and directly infect a computer, while other times it’s only the first step of the infection. 

An alternative way to infect a victim’s computer is to acquire private credentials to remote access systems like the Remoted Desktop Protocol (RDP). 

The next stage of the ransomware attack is the process of encrypting files. Once this is finished, the attackers are free to demand a massive ransom for said files. 

Ryuk Ransomware is known to use a mix of file encryption algorithms like the symmetric AES-256 and the asymmetric RSA-4096. These protocols encrypt files and provide a copy of the encryption key which is then encrypted with the RSA public key. Once the ransom has been paid off, the hackers send a copy of the RSA private key to the victim which allows them to decrypt the files.

While Ryuk Ransomware was discovered only in 2018, this malicious software has managed to claim the title of one of the most extortionate ransomware forms to date.