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What is Supply and Demand?

Supply and Demand MEANING:
Supply and Demand - factors that regulate the price and determine the willingness of the trader to buy or sell assets.
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Let's find out Supply and Demand meaning, definition in crypto, what is Supply and Demand, and all other detailed facts.

Supply and demand are two elements that influence the price of an asset and determine whether a trader is willing to buy or sell it. It defines a connection between a given asset and the desire of buyers for it.

The amount of material, asset, product, or service accessible to the economy is referred to as supply. It doesn’t really define how much of something there is overall, it defines how much people can get.

The need for products and services is known as demand. It is used to calculate the number of people who are interested in an organization's products or services, as well as the amount of money they are willing to pay for them.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a great example of a limited asset that has sparked a financial revolution by showcasing the enormous benefits of having a digital asset with a restricted supply. The greater the demand for Bitcoin is, the more valuable it becomes.