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What is Flappening?

Flappening MEANING:
Flappening - an event in 2018 when Litecoin overtook Bitcoin Cash in market capitalization.
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Flappening is a term used to describe the event where Litecoin overtook Bitcoin Cash in regards to market cap. It’s a derivative of flippening which refers to a hypothetical future event where Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin in regard to market cap. However, unlike flippening, flappening has already happened in late 2018. 

The term was first used in a tweet by Charlie Lee explaining that the flappening will happen before the flippening.

Ever since the flappening, the term has been also used to describe any event where Litecoin surpasses another cryptocurrency

Litecoin community created the Flappening Watch in order to track the current development of flappening.

Circulating supply and current market price are the main factors taken into account when determining the market cap of a specific cryptocurrency.