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What is Flippening?

Flippening MEANING:
Flippening - a speculative scenario where Bitcoin’s total value of stock shares (market cap) is overtaken by Ethereum’s.
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Flippening is a perfect scenario for Ethereum fans because it is speculated that the total Ether market cap could outweigh the total Bitcoin market cap. The term was crafted in 2017 to describe a potential situation in which Ether might become the largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Even though Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and it has the biggest market cap at the moment, in 2018 it was plunged at certain points which gave Ether fans the idea that the flippening could occur in the future.

The assumption that Ethereum gives better freedom and the added benefit of being able to write smart contracts was a crucial aspect that prompted predictions that a flippening might occur. To some extent, internal flippening already happened in 2019 when the number of ERC-20 transactions surpassed the number of transactions completed using Ethereum itself.