Crypto Terms: Letter D

What is Dolphin?

Dolphin MEANING:
Dolphin - an entity with a moderate size of cryptocurrency holdings.
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Let's find out Dolphin meaning, definition in crypto, what is Dolphin, and all other detailed facts.

Cryptocurrency dolphins are considered to be mid-range players in the fields. They do not have large enough cryptocurrency assets in their holding to be considered whales. However, they also hold more cryptocurrency than small-range players.

Cryptocurrency traders and investors are classified using a scale based on aquatic terms. The smallest investors are known as fish (or minnows), and they are in possession of a small portfolio that may only consist of one cryptocurrency. Those with exceptionally large holdings are referred to as whales.

Unlike dolphins or fish, whale transactions are observed by the crypto community on platforms such as Whale Alert. Their large-scale transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain receive more attention and demonstrate low transaction fees, which is one of the biggest advantages of this particular cryptocurrency.

Crypto whales are able to move thousands or even millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency in a transaction, paying only a few dollars as gas fees. It is generally presumed that the whale status is what the dolphins are aiming to reach.