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What is Credit Risk?

Credit Risk MEANING:
Credit Risk - a metric that determines whether a lending entity would lose money if the borrower were unable to repay the loan.
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Credit risk is an internal metric that lending institutions like banks use before providing a loan. It is used to lower the possible risk of borrowers defaulting on their loans and the lending institution losing money. Credit risk is applicable to loans of varying scales, like individual loans or national debt.

Credit risk is one of the key tools to mitigate the possibility of financial loss. Consumer financing uses the five Cs to determine credit risk:

These criteria can also affect the overall credit score of the borrower. If the entity interested in taking out a loan has a good credit history and is capable of repaying the loan but does not have sufficient collateral or starting capital, the credit risk score may be higher. Banks heavily rely on risk management and risk-aversion when issuing loans.

Experts use financial calculations and algorithms to determine the credit risk based on the five criteria. However, more factors are taken into account when calculating credit risk. While one individual with a high credit risk score may be denied a large loan, an increased number of entities with a bad credit score could lead to the development of high-risk lending institutions.

The most important aspect is the risk of borrowers defaulting on their loans, meaning failure to pay them back. Credit risk management departments are responsible for determining what the credit risk score of all new borrowers is. Credit risk management departments also create the criteria for risk assessments to ensure that the lending institution maintains a low level of risk exposure.

While credit risk is not wholly applicable to cryptocurrency markets, some principles of risk calculation still apply. The development of collateral tokens has made it possible to ensure the protection of cryptocurrency loans.