Crypto Terms: Letter C

What is Client?

Client - software used on local computers to access and process transactions that are done on the blockchain.
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Let's find out Client meaning, definition in crypto, what is Client, and all other detailed facts.

A client is a hardware or software that grants end-users the ability to remotely interact with other users on the internet. Depending on the environment, the client can either connect to the server if it is client-server, or the rest of the network if it is peer-to-peer.

Software clients are used as a tool to connect to the blockchain network. Users that connect to the blockchain network are known as nodes. They are able to interact with other nodes within the network.

There are many uses for cryptocurrency clients. Crypto miners use special software to manage the mining equipment. It also helps transmit solved hashes throughout the blockchain network.

Crypto wallets also act as clients that users can use to deposit, store, and overall manage cryptocurrency coins and tokens, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This applies to both hot and cold wallets. Hot wallets are software-based, while cold wallets are hardware units.

Wallets often possess streamlined graphical user interfaces (GUIs). GUIs allow users of all skill levels to easily manage their crypto transactions and funds.

Block explorers are another type of client. They provide users with access to blockchain data like block height, hash rate, as well as information on individual transactions. The information on block explorers is easily readable.