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What is Block Height?

Block Height - a measure used to determine the number of blocks before a specific block on the blockchain. Each block is assigned a height value.
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Let's find out Block Height meaning, definition in crypto, what is Block Height, and all other detailed facts.

Block height measures how many blocks have been created on a blockchain before the newest block. Each block is assigned a block height value. The first block, known as the genesis block, does not have any blocks preceding it and is therefore assigned a block value of zero.

The blocks in a blockchain are organized in sequential order. Each block contains transaction data collected on the blockchain. New blocks are always added to the end of the chain.

Block height can be used as an identifier when looking for a specific part of the blockchain. It also helps determine at what rate new blocks are being added to the chain.

In rare circumstances, if the cryptographic puzzle tied to the block is solved at the same time by multiple parties, two blocks may end up at the same block height. This may lead to the development of a fork in the chain. Otherwise, one of the blocks may end up orphaned.

In either case, duplicate blocks can’t appear on the blockchain and a different solution is automatically created.

Block explorers provide information about block height. It is one of the key pieces of information when looking for a specific block via a block explorer.