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What is Centralized?

Centralized MEANING:
Centralized - services are governed by a authority that makes decisions and manages the system's operation.
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Centralized cryptocurrency exchange refers to the employment of a third party to assist in completing transactions. In addition, buyers and sellers depend on a third party to manage their assets. It might be similar to a bank setting, where the bank holds the customer's money.

The two main types of organizational structures are - centralized and decentralized.

For instance, a decentralized organization is an organization that is entirely managed by one CEO or a few top executives. Even a mobile app can be centralized if it enables users to transfer money to one another while maintaining full authority over transaction processing.

If there was a scenario where a bank’s payment system shuts down for some time, the customers can’t do any transactions until the system is functioning properly again. While decentralized networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin would continue to function even if the nodes were not operational.

Centralized organizations have a clear purpose that is their main focus, which is what helps to make fast and effective decisions and fewer mistakes along the way. They are also often less expensive due to the obvious division of tasks among many participants.

Nonetheless, centralized systems have drawbacks. The disadvantages arise from dependence on a single point of jurisdiction, which can occasionally show to be the single point of failure.

Speaking of decentralized systems, these are overly vulnerable to any malfunctions in their governing authority. It doesn’t matter if the malfunctions were caused by accident, viciousness, or inexperience.