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Crypto Terms:  Letter L
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 07, 2024

What are Laser Eyes?

Laser Eyes Meaning:
Laser Eyes - a viral Twitter meme that Bitcoiners use when they try to push the value of Bitcoin (BTC) past its highest price.
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Let's find out Laser Eyes meaning, definition in crypto, what are Laser Eyes, and all other detailed facts.

Bitcoiners put Laser Eyes on their Twitter profile pictures when they try to push the value of Bitcoin (BTC) past $100,000. This group believes in Bitcoin's future and is likely to have Diamond Hands, which means they are only interested in accumulating more BTC and using the HODL strategy for the long run, no matter how many difficulties they have to face along the way. 

The association of Laser Eyes and Bitcoin started in February 2021 with the #LaserRayUntil100 hashtag. Laser Eyes usually depict two red laser beams shooting from the user's eyes on his/her profile picture, though there can be some variations in colors like blue, green, or other. The majority of users put Laser Eyes on their profiles for a 24-hour period. Twitter user @CHAIRFORCE_BTC was the first one who used Laser Eyes.

Primarily, laser eyes were the ability of superheroes, like Superman, before they were used to indicate support for Bitcoin. This creates an idea that laser eyes are a superpower that only extraordinary people can possess, which resonates with the Laser Eyes concept in the crypto world.

A lot of well-known and influential people in the world support this trend including Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, Cynthia Lummins, the US Senator, Tom Brandy, the NFL star, and many others.