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What is Diamond Hands?

Diamond Hands MEANING:
Diamond Hands - On social media sites, the term "Diamond Hands" refers to users who continue to keep their coins after a 20% drop in the value of their portfolio.
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Let's find out Diamond Hands meaning, definition in crypto, what is Diamond Hands, and all other detailed facts.

The term Diamond Hands is used on social media platforms referring to people who hold their coins despite their portfolio drawdown in value by more than 20%. Also, the term was popularized by r/wallstreetbets.

However, the term is more frequently used by someone who holds cryptocurrencies as a self-description. Those who say “I have diamond hands” indicate that cryptocurrencies are the future of finances, and it is only a matter of time until they will be adapted globally.

In a scenario where the market goes down, a lot of individuals in the diamond hands group will most definitely share their thoughts on social media platforms with some kind of interpolation of “diamond hands”.

Weak hands, spaghetti hands, and paper hands, are terms utilized in teasing those investors who sell their holdings after a big market crash. This means that he is on a completely different side of the spectrum.

To be exact, diamond hands are those who have a long-term perspective on the market and aren’t afraid of taking risks. People within the group can also use the term in an emoji form or share adaptations of the Wolf of Wall Street to represent their tenacious viewpoint.

This is a group of cryptocurrency bulls that refuse to sell even when the market is flooded with apparently never-ending FUD.

Even though the diamond hands are regarded as an outstanding group, other investors have cautioned them to "take profits" in fiat or stablecoins when the market spikes. Those with diamond hands, on the other hand, hardly accept profits because they are confident that the market, even if it falls, will revive and grow even greater.

Those who have diamond hands can tell their friends, family, or followers to Buy The (F*******) Dip. On occasion, diamond hands purchase the dip, but the dip then continues dipping. So, the prices of cryptocurrencies can drop significantly, but there are individuals who will not sell no matter what.

They are motivated by their faith that their favored cryptocurrency project will one day reach the moon. Essentially, if you have diamond hands, you are a highly positive individual, even if the events take an unexpected turn.