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Top KuCoin Black Friday Deals for: December 05, 2023

Verdict at a Glance

KuCoin is a non-custodial crypto exchange. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without depositing them into the exchange, which guarantees higher levels of security! Additionally, KuCoin is said to be very beginner-friendly and offers a wide selection of crypto assets!

KuCoin Deal Active Right Now:

If you’ve been thinking about using KuCoin for some time now, the KuCoin Black Friday sale is the perfect time to get started! Find the best deals for yourself, and jump into the world of crypto today!

Available KuCoin Black Friday Codes and Offers

Same as with multiple other cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the industry, during the Black Friday KuCoin sale, you’ll find a variety of different coupon codes available. These will range from all-year-valid offers, all the way to exclusive KuCoin Black Friday deals only available during the holiday season. These deals can include the following:

  • Crypto coin or token bonuses
  • Friend invitation kickbacks
  • Reduction of trading fees
  • etc.

Manually-Selected KuCoin Black Friday Coupons

All of the KuCoin Black Friday deals found below have been manually-selected and checked by our team of dedicated crypto enthusiasts. This was done to ensure that the promotions are legitimate and valid, and that you won’t need to become frustrated while looking for the best deals this holiday season!

Verified Staff Pick


New User Bonus

Use this KuCoin referral code (2Nh1HJ3) link & get up to 700 USDT in rewards. Sign up to KuCoin for huge perks & limited-time offers now!

Expiration date: 08/12/2023
3984 People Used
Only 27 Left

UP TO 20%

Referral Bonus on KuCoin

Join KuCoin's Referral Bonus Program & earn up to 20% bonus each time your friend completes an order. Get you referral code here!

Expiration date: 08/12/2023
1076 People Used
Only 24 Left


KuCoin Mobile App

Buy & sell cryptocurrency on the go with KuCoin mobile app! Available both on App Store & Google Play, free KuCoin app is a worthy deal!

Expiration date: 08/12/2023
1410 People Used
Only 90 Left
Verified Staff Pick


KuCoin Cyber Monday Deal

Don't miss out on up to 700 USDT in rewards. Use this KuCoin Cyber Monday code (2Nh1HJ3) and sign up for KuCoin to access generous perks now!

Expiration date: 11/12/2023
2164 People Used
Only 38 Left
Verified Staff Pick


KuCoin Trading Fee Discount

Pay your trading fees using KCS and enjoy an exclusive 20% discount for a more rewarding trading journey. Unlock this deal with the 2Nh1HJ3 KuCoin referral code!

Expiration date: 06/12/2023
3241 People Used
Only 41 Left

Recently Added KuCoin Discount Codes & Deals

Browse the most popular collection of KuCoin coupon codes & find the best discounts. Here’s a log of the latest offers:

Discount Description Last Tested Expires
700 USDT REWARD New User Bonus 02/12/2023 08/12/2023
UP TO 20% Referral Bonus on KuCoin 03/12/2023 08/12/2023
FOR FREE KuCoin Mobile App 04/12/2023 08/12/2023
CLAIM 700 USDT KuCoin Cyber Monday Deal 03/12/2023 11/12/2023
20% OFF FEES KuCoin Trading Fee Discount 02/12/2023 06/12/2023

Expired KuCoin Coupons

Here’s the log of our detected expired KuCoin coupon codes.

Verified Staff Pick


KuCoin Holiday Prize Pool

Win up to 50,000 USDT by signing up on KuCoin & joining the Kucoin Holiday Prize Pool. Sign up now & get big rewards!

4,817 People Used
Only 21 Left
Rating 5.0 
Verified Staff Pick


KuCoin Black Friday Offer

Hurry to catch this limited-time KuCoin Black Friday offer - if you sign up via the KuCoin coupon code (2Nh1HJ3) link now, you'll be able to collect up to 700 USDT in rewards!

3,827 People Used
Only 41 Left
Rating 5.0 

Why Save on KuCoin?

As you already know, KuCoin is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides a seamless platform for users to buy, sell, and trade a wide range of crypto assets with some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Notably, KuCoin places a strong emphasis on security measures and offers anonymous trading, contributing to its popularity. Additionally, KuCoin is renowned for its user-friendly interface, designed to enhance accessibility and streamline navigation for those entering the cryptocurrency space.

Now, apart from all that, KuCoin has various noteworthy features for which you can find great deals during the KuCoin Black Friday sale.

KuCoin Features You Can Save On

  • Crypto On- / Off-Ramp. You can easily buy / sell crypto assets with fiat using various payment methods.
  • Different Trading Options. No matter if you're interested in spot, margin, derivatives, or other types of trading, you'll most likely be able to do that using KuCoin.
  • Earning Features. If you want to put your crypto to work, you can stake it, lend it, invest it, and whatnot – there are plenty of earning options on KuCoin.
  • Trading Bots. Want to automate your trading? KuCoin offers a selection of trading bots that will allow you to do just that.
  • KuCoin NFTs. For those interested in the NFT industry, KuCoin offers an NFT launchpad and even a fractional NFT marketplace.

So, take advantage of KuCoin Black Friday deals and try out these features now!

 How to Use KuCoin Black Friday Coupons?

Once you pick the KuCoin Black Friday deal you want to use, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Click the "Get Deal" button. You'll be taken straight to KuCoin.

KuCoin Black Friday:

Step 2: Sign up to KuCoin using your phone number or email address. Once you fill in either one and come up with a password, you'll get a verification code.

KuCoin Black Friday: account creation window.

Step 3: After verification, you'll be able to access your dashboard. Then you have to pass KYC and complete the necessary tasks (if any) to receive the reward.

KuCoin Black Friday: user dashboard.

That's it, you've successfully used a KuCoin Black Friday coupon!

What to Do if the Coupon Was Not Applied?

If you've done everything right, but the coupon was not applied, there are a few things you should check:

  • Are you eligible? Maybe the deal can only be used in, let's say, the US? Or maybe you must be a new user? Make sure you meet the requirements.
  • Did you do all the necessary tasks? Speaking of requirements, you might need to buy a certain crypto asset or use a specific KuCoin feature to activate the coupon. So, ensure you do that.
  • Is the deal still available? While we do make sure to provide you with the most up-to-date deals, the number of coupons is limited. So, maybe someone used the last valid coupon right when you tried using it as well.
  • Did you type in the code correctly? Most BitDegree coupons apply automatically, so this is the least likely scenario. However, sometimes you might need to fill in the KuCoin coupon code yourself – if this is the case, make sure you make no typos.

If none of these questions help you identify the problem, you might want to pick another Black Friday KuCoin sale deal – you'll find several lucrative offers on BitDegree!

Why Choose KuCoin Coupons on BitDegree?

Coupon hunting is quite a stressful and confusing process, especially during major sales like KuCoin Black Friday, right? Well, yes and no if you know where to look. There are various platforms that provide users with plenty of misleading and invalid coupons. Not us, though.

At BitDegree, we strive to provide users with the best deals on the market. To do that, we employ a thorough validation process, ensuring the deals are not only good but also valid and applicable.

So, forget about confusing coupon hunting and take advantage of the KuCoin Black Friday deals our team of experts picked out for you!

Different Types of KuCoin Black Friday Promotions

If you want to participate in this KuCoin Black Friday sale, you’ll need to do some research, and find the best possible deals for yourself. Granted that there can be a lot of different offers available, it can be hard to pick just a single one! Take your time, though, and choose the deal that suits you!

Crypto Bonuses

Crypto Bonuses

Bonuses are a huge part of any KuCoin Black Friday sale. They can come in various shapes and sizes - sometimes, you might find specific deals, other times - some randomized crypto offers that will make themselves apparent once you register on the platform or perform some actions. If such KuCoin Black Friday deals sound appealing to you, good news - if you act fast, you might just find these coupon codes! They don’t tend to linger for long, though!

Friend Referral Kickbacks

Friend Referral Kickbacks

This KuCoin Black Friday sale, inviting friends to join a cryptocurrency exchange can be a very lucrative idea! More specifically, certain KuCoin Black Friday deals can guarantee a certain commission payment for inviting your friends to the platform. These commissions could be paid out for your friends registering, or performing some trades - it depends! In any case, such offers can result in some passive payments to your account - definitely worth checking out!

Transaction Fee Reductions

Transaction Fee Reductions

Fees are often viewed as the worst enemy of any and all potential profit that you might make while trading or exchanging cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens. While it’s unlikely to come across a coupon code that mitigates blockchain fees, certain KuCoin Black Friday deals can help you lessen the transaction fees charged by the platform itself. If you plan to transact in an active manner, you’d definitely find a use for this type of Black Friday promotional offers!

Handpicked Deals

Handpicked Deals

With the Black Friday KuCoin sale being as popular as it is, it can be a struggle to find working and legitimate deals. We do know this - this is why we asked our team of cryptocurrency experts to travel the internet, and collect all of the best deals available. This will help you avoid any and all potential hassle with non-working coupon codes and expired offers - as long as you act quickly, and grab a deal while it’s still valid, you’ll be able to enjoy it, no problem!


Why are there so many expired KuCoin coupons online?

All of the KuCoin Black Friday deals are limited-time offers. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good - whether it be when the sale actually ends, or when the number of offers runs out. This is why speed is always the emphasis here - if you want to get yourself the best offers, you need to act quickly!

Which KuCoin Black Friday sale coupons are the best?

With a wide variety of coupons to pick from, the answer can be a difficult one to give! At the end of the day, tough, you should pick the Black Friday KuCoin sale deals that seem the most relevant to you - whether it be trading fee reductions, bonuses, or else!

Can I use crypto coupon code more than once?

Usually, no. KuCoin coupons can be used only once. If there are any exceptions, you will find that info in the terms and conditions of the coupon in question. However, there are various other lucrative KuCoin offers (updated daily), so you can just use several different coupons.

Do KuCoin Black Friday coupons have conditions?

In most cases, yes. While this depends on the KuCoin deal in question, normally, you will have to meet some specific requirements to activate it. For example, you might need to buy a certain amount of Bitcoin or create a new account.

Why is my KuCoin coupon not working?

If your chosen KuCoin coupon did not work, there are a few things you should check. Firstly, make sure you meet all the requirements, including your eligibility and necessary task completion. If you do, then you should also check whether there are still coupons left. It could be that someone snatched the last one from right under your nose. Lastly, if you had to fill in the coupon code by hand (which is unlikely, as coupons at BitDegree apply automatically), make sure you made no mistakes.

How to use KuCoin Black Friday coupons?

It's very easy to use BitDegree's KuCoin coupons – pick the coupon, click the "Get Deal" button, register, and complete the necessary tasks. When you click the button, you will be taken straight to KuCoin, and the coupon will be applied automatically.



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