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Best Binance Black Friday Offers for: December 04, 2023

Verdict at a Glance

Binance is, without a doubt, one of the best-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. The platform has built itself a reputation as the leader in the space, both when it comes to regulatory compliance, and also things such as fees and crypto asset variety.

Binance Deal Active Right Now:

Being as popular as it is, Binance definitely has a lot of individuals looking for some promotional offers and discount opportunities. This is especially true during a ​​Binance Black Friday sale! All of the hottest deals are up for grabs - don’t miss your chance!

Available Binance Black Friday Codes and Offers

The Binance Black Friday sale is one of the most anticipated events in the year, for many crypto enthusiasts around the world. In order to have an easier time choosing the best deals for yourself, you should know what to expect - the offers seen below include both Black Friday Binance sale exclusives, and some of the more-generic deals, too:

  • Kickbacks
  • Registration bonuses
  • Fee reductions
  • etc.

Handpicked Binance Black Friday Coupons

Having a hard time finding working Binance Black Friday deals? Worry not - all of the coupon codes located below have been handpicked and tested by a dedicated team of cryptocurrency experts. This way, you won’t need to juggle expired offers, and will be able to use the best promotional deals available!

Verified Staff Pick


Pay with BNB, Get a Discount

Take advantage of this Binance referral link & receive a 25% discount on Binance trading fees when paying with BNB. Activate the deal now!

Expiration date: 07/12/2023
3280 People Used
Only 20 Left
Verified Staff Pick


Exclusive Binance Referral Code

Don't miss this limited-time deal that's only available for our readers. Use the Binance referral code 49316610 & receive up to $600 in rewards and bonuses!

Expiration date: 07/12/2023
7847 People Used
Only 49 Left


Claim Your Binance Rewards

Use this Binance referral code link, create an account, and earn up to 100 USDT in rewards. Don't waste your time - register now!

Expiration date: 09/12/2023
3261 People Used
Only 43 Left


Earn by Learning

Embrace the journey of learning and earning with Binance Academy. Use this Binance promo code link to get exclusive course access and special rewards to supercharge your progress!

Expiration date: 05/12/2023
2164 People Used
Only 32 Left
Verified Staff Pick


Refer to Earn

Refer a friend to Binance and earn various rewards, including 100 USDT trading fee rebate vouchers, 100 USDT in tokens, or even a Tesla car. Don't miss this spectacular opportunity!

Expiration date: 11/12/2023
2361 People Used
Only 42 Left

$500,000 REWARD POOL

Special BTC Halving Deal

Follow this Binance referral link, use the Auto-Invest feature, and get access to Binance's $500,000 reward pool full of BTC token vouchers and other exclusive prizes. Hurry up before the Bitcoin halving occurs!

Expiration date: 05/12/2023
6281 People Used
Only 51 Left


Limited-Time Binance Pay Offer

Get a Cardrypto crypto card for just $0.01 on Binance Marketplace, top it up using Binance Pay, and get 100 ACH in rewards. Use this Binance promo code link to activate the deal!

Expiration date: 05/12/2023
4523 People Used
Only 37 Left


Binance Cyber Monday

Attention new Binance users: this Cyber Monday, you can score up to $600 in rewards by completing special tasks. Activate this amazing Binance Cyber Monday deal using the code – 49316610!

Expiration date: 05/12/2023
6127 People Used
Only 16 Left

Recently Added Binance Discount Codes & Deals

Browse the most popular collection of Binance coupon codes & find the best discounts. Here’s a log of the latest offers:

Discount Description Last Tested Expires
25% OFF TRADING FEES Pay with BNB, Get a Discount 03/12/2023 07/12/2023
CLAIM $600 REWARD Exclusive Binance Referral Code 02/12/2023 07/12/2023
EARN UP TO 100 USDT Claim Your Binance Rewards 02/12/2023 09/12/2023
GET FREE CRYPTO Earn by Learning 03/12/2023 05/12/2023
WIN A TESLA & 100 USDT Refer to Earn 01/12/2023 11/12/2023
$500,000 REWARD POOL Special BTC Halving Deal 01/12/2023 05/12/2023
CARDRYPTO FOR $0.01 + 100 ACH Limited-Time Binance Pay Offer 02/12/2023 05/12/2023
REDEEM $600 PRIZE Binance Cyber Monday 02/12/2023 05/12/2023

Expired Binance Coupons

Here’s the log of our detected expired Binance coupon codes.



With Binance Referral Code

Get a 10% lifetime cash-back deal for all trading fees when signing up on Binance with this referral code. Offer is valid for new customers only!

1,876 People Used
Only 24 Left
Rating 4.9 
Verified Staff Pick


All Fees When Buying With Visa/MasterCard

Now it's a perfect time to purchase cryptocurrencies at Binance because you'll get 50% off all fees when using Visa or MasterCard for your purchase.

989 People Used
Only 11 Left
Rating 4.9 
Verified Staff Pick


Binance Black Friday

Head to Binance now & save up to 20% on your trading fees. Take advantage of this Binance Black Friday deal now!

2,847 People Used
Only 54 Left
Rating 5.0 
Verified Staff Pick


Binance Holiday Sale

You can now get $600 Binance Welcome Bonus for completing simple tasks in this Binance Holiday Sale. Use our Binance referral code (49316610) while the offer is still valid!

2,935 People Used
Only 67 Left
Rating 5.0 
Verified Staff Pick


Binance Black Friday Deal

If you're new to Binance, great news - this Binance Black Friday period, you can earn up to $600 in rewards. Sign up, use the code 49316610, and start earning now!

2,817 People Used
Only 46 Left
Rating 5.0 

What Makes Saving on Binance Worthwhile?

Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world that provides users not only with crypto buying, selling, and trading features, but also earning, NFT trading, and various other. Changpeng Zhao founded the platform in 2017, and it has been climbing the highest ranks ever since.

Two standout aspects of Binance are low trading fees and very strong security measures. In addition to that, it’s also worth noting that the company has its own coin and blockchain - Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

All that aside, though, due to its variety of features, the platform might seem a bit scary for beginners. However, while some of Binance’s features are really complex, it provides various options for beginners as well, together with a lot of learning material. Speaking of features, here are some of the most popular ones for which you can get great deals during Binance Black Friday sale:

Binance Features Worthy of Your Savings

  • Buy Crypto. If you want to buy crypto using fiat money, this is a feature for you. By the way, Binance supports a huge variety of currencies and payment methods.
  • Binance Earn. Some might love trading, while others are more interested in earning. Binance offers various earning options, including staking, mining, and even earning by learning.
  • NFT Marketplace. Just as the name suggests, Binance provides users with a marketplace for NFTs where they can buy, sell, trade, and mint them.
  • Multiple Trading Options. If you’re looking for a crypto exchange that has it all, Binance is definitely pretty close to that, especially when it comes to trading options. Be it spot, margin, futures, P2P, or API trading – you’ll find them on this platform.
  • Trading Bots. For anyone interested in automating their trading, Binance offers a pretty big selection of trading bots.
  • Fan Tokens. Are you a fan of S.S. Lazio or FC Porto? Then, you might be interested in the Binance fan token marketplace, where you can find tokens for these and many other sports teams.

Of course, keep in mind that this list is definitely far from complete, as there many other features on Binance for various types of users (individuals, institutions, or even new crypto projects). However, the ones described above are definitely some of the most used ones.

How to Use Binance Black Friday Codes?

Not sure how to activate your Binance Black Friday deal? Don’t worry, it’s a matter of clicking a few buttons.

Step 1: Determine which deal best suits your interests. While this seems obvious, it’s also very important, as, for example, there could be several sign-up bonuses, but you can only use one. Once you choose, click “Get Deal”.

Binance Black Friday:

Step 2: You’ll be taken to the Binance registration page, where you’ll have to sign up. Use either your email address or phone number, verify whichever you choose, and then come up with a secure password.

Binance Black Friday: registration page.

Step 3: Now that your account has been set up, you’ll see your dashboard. The Binance Black Friday code itself will be activated automatically.

Binance Black Friday: user dashboard.

All you have to do is complete the required tasks (if any), and you’ll get your rewards.

What to Do if My Binance Black Friday Deal Doesn’t Work?

You’ve followed the steps listed above, but your Binance Black Friday deal was not activated? There are several things you can do:

  • Make Sure You’re Eligible. Most Binance Black Friday sale deals (or any other deals, for that matter) have certain criteria you have to meet. They might only be available for users from specific countries or for new users. So, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Make Sure You’ve Completed the Necessary Tasks. Just like most deals have eligibility criteria, they also often have certain conditions. For example, you might need to make a crypto purchase or use the Binance Pay feature to activate the deal.
  • Check Deal Availability. Many people search for attractive deals, but those deals are often limited, which means you have to be fast when it comes to taking the last available coupon.
  • Check the Code. Most of the time, BitDegree coupon codes are applied automatically. However, if for any reason you had to fill it in by hand, make sure you made no mistakes.
  • Pick Another One. While this step might be disappointing if you let a very good deal slip past your fingers, there are many other great Binance Black Friday deals on BitDegree, you’ll definitely find something else!

That being said, what makes BitDegree the best choice?

Why Choose Binance Coupons on BitDegree?

Coupons can definitely be overwhelming and chaotic, which makes individuals seek assurance that the deals they choose not only come from a trustworthy source, but also offer genuine value.

At BitDegree, we take it upon ourselves to present a curated assortment of Binance Black Friday coupons that have been thoughtfully handpicked, authenticated, and confirmed.

To ensure that each deal is genuine and applicable, our team of experts undergoes a thorough validation process, filtering out any misleading, expired or simply nonsensical offers.

The Different Types of Binance Black Friday Promotions

With a wide range of different Binance Black Friday deals up for grabs, you might wonder - what’s the best possible deal for you, specifically? Before you make your decision, make sure to do some proper research, and find offers that are most attractive to you. Do act fast, though - these deals won’t linger around for long!

Friend Invitation Kickbacks

Friend Invitation Kickbacks

During the Binance Black Friday, you might think to invite some of your friends to join the cryptocurrency exchange, and get into the world of crypto, in general. It just so happens that it might be the best time to do so, as well! If you’re lucky, you could come across some Binance Black Friday deals that offer kickbacks, or existing kickback increases. In other words, you would receive a commission for inviting your friends to the platform - that’s awesome!

Registration Bonuses

Registration Bonuses

If you’ve been thinking about registering on a cryptocurrency exchange platform, but haven’t gotten around to doing so, the Binance Black Friday sale might offer you a bonus for doing just that! Registration bonuses are a popular deal available with a wide variety of cryptocurrency exchanges - Binance might not be an exception to that rule. If you’re quick, you could come across special registration bonuses, to help you kickstart your crypto trading ventures!

Coin-Specific Deals

Coin-Specific Deals

If you’re someone who’s already certain about a cryptocurrency that they’d like to purchase and acquire, you might want to look for Binance Black Friday deals that offer just that - coin- or token-specific bonuses. These bonuses can vary both in the variety of crypto available, and also the amount that you’d receive. Sometimes, it can be randomized, as well! If you want to have an easier start with the Binance exchange, however, keep an eye out for these offers!

Fee Reductions

Fee Reductions

Cryptocurrency transaction fees can be a significant factor when it comes to evaluating your earnings and losses. While this is more-so true with certain cryptos than with others, the fact of the matter remains the same. While it’s practically impossible to mitigate the blockchain fees themselves, with the right Binance Black Friday deal, you could actually receive discounts on Binance-specific fees. This can definitely be huge, in the grand scheme of things!


Why are there so many expired Binance coupons online?

Since the Black Friday Binance sale is a once-in-a-year type of an event, naturally, there’s a lot of hype surrounding it. All of the deals are limited-time offers, though - once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. With the offers being as popular as they are, people sweep them out pretty fast - thus, if you’re not quick enough, you might come across nothing but expired deals!

Which Binance Black Friday sale coupons are the best?

The best Binance Black Friday deals are going to depend solemnly on your personal preferences. All of the coupon codes found above offer some awesome bargains - whether it be fee reductions or kickbacks, everyone should be able to find the right deal for themselves!

How do I redeem a Binance Black Friday coupon?

To redeem a Binance Black Friday coupon on BitDegree, you just need to click “Get Deal”, register on Binance, and make sure you meet the redemption requirements (which could include completing a specific task or even living in a specific country). The coupon itself will be activated automatically.

Are there any specific terms and conditions for Black Friday coupons on Binance?

Yes, specific terms and conditions may apply to each Binance Black Friday coupon. These can include minimum deposit or trading requirements, being a new user, or restrictions on eligible cryptocurrencies. Make sure to meet these requirements if you want to redeem the reward.

Can I use multiple Black Friday coupons?

In most cases, only one coupon can be applied per transaction / operation. If you have multiple coupons, you may need to make separate transactions or even create a new account to use each coupon individually (if it’s a sign-up bonus, for example). Check out the terms and conditions of each Binance coupon for any exceptions.

What is the expiration date for the Black Friday coupons on Binance?

The expiration date for Binance Black Friday coupons varies depending on the coupon in question. However, since we’re talking about a Black Friday deal, it won’t last long. So, make sure to take advantage of the offered deals ASAP!



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