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Metaverse Catalyst: Future of Education cover image

Top industry professionals meet to discuss the future of education behind closed doors. 

MADRID, Oct. 6-8, 2022 — Inaugural Metaverse Catalyst Meeting focused on highlighting the importance of metaverse-based learning and education, joined by experts from the field of EdTech, education, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. 

The three-day event was organized by IE University. The event was meant to connect projects that create positive change through educational programs. During the event, the best practices were shared to accelerate the positive impact of education in a virtual environment.

“Collaboration in research between Edtech companies and top universities is the most direct path to democratization of education.” — says Danielius Stasiulis, CEO of Learnoverse and BitDegree.

At the event, chief scientists, top researchers, and innovators connected with other projects and discussed their research on educational topics. Berkeley University, Stanford University, University of Melbourne, Technical University of Denmark, and more contributed to the event. Representatives from these institutions discussed the educational impact of metaverse-based learning and the development of education in the metaverse world.

“Education has come a long way with majority of online-learning model today are still in the Web2 architecture. Transition to Web3 and metaverse is a gateway to scientific, research-based education techniques that creates an immersive learning environment to promote higher motivation, and better retention that otherwise, are lacking in the usual learning environments.” — says Joel Chow, Co-founder of Learnoverse and BitDegree

Not only educational institutions, but top industry leaders like Meta and Virbela were among those who addressed topics on metaverse industry and how it could contribute to the process of learning. Only time will tell how education will adapt to meet the ever-growing demand for accessibility.

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