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Take Your Business to the Next Level: Cloud Computing Training for Your Team

Have you ever been wondering how to both pamper your employees and use it for your business advantage at the same time? Is it even possible? Absolutely! Here's our answer: train your staff, and you'll see the difference in no time.

Employee training benefits include but are not limited to increased job satisfaction, motivation and morale among employees, increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods, higher productivity and efficiency levels. All of this ultimately generates a financial gain for the company. Sounds great, doesn't it?

On the other hand, you may ask, how to choose the proper training for your team? We're willing to help you with this one, too: we suggest cloud computing! Why? The benefits of cloud computing for any business are endless: this service is scalable, secure, economical, reliable, flexible, and simple to use (if you want to know more about those perks, feel free to check out our article on that). Besides, even though 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service in 2021, around 95% of them report struggling to find qualified cloud professionals and having a significant digital skills gap among the existing staff. That's why many companies have already been turning to internal cloud computing training. That's why we offer this to you too (if you haven't thought about it yet!)

This guide will provide you with the reasons why cloud computing training is such an essential and valuable step for your company and the options available for you out there. Let's dive in!

3 main reasons to start your cloud training for teams

Upskilling your employees and reducing leaving problems

Who doesn't want their team to be excellent in what they do and become even better with time? We bet you do! That's precisely where upskilling and even multi-skilling step in. Upskilling is about expanding the knowledge of the already known skills, while multi-skilling is getting trained in some new work-related fields to become more beneficial to the company. The value of well-trained employees increases enormously, and consequently, the business's success as well. What's more, by training your people to be the best version of themselves, you diminish the chances of them leaving your organization. Human beings love to be appreciated and trusted not only by their closest circle but their bosses too.

In the case of cloud computing training, we would also encourage you to get your staff certified. This way, everyone will feel confident in the team's abilities, and your employees will be able to help implement the best practices in the organization. Certifications may help you identify those that are ready to be promoted within the company too.

It is clear by now that equipping your staff with cloud knowledge is a win-win situation for both sides. If that's not convincing enough, though, let's see what the other reasons for training your team on the cloud are!

Saving your time and money

As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned. We would go even further with this one — a minute saved is a minute earned. Every entrepreneur knows what we're talking about. Saving both time and money is crucial for any business. Training your employees can help you do that. How?

Before getting on board with your cloud computing training, you must understand you already have the people you need. Educating your existing staff will enable them to perform news tasks that they have never done before, and hence you won't need to hire additional people to fill cloud-based roles. In other words, training your employees on the job will bring down the time and money-consuming recruitment costs. Of course, you will have to make a one-time investment in the training itself (and examination, if needed), but it doesn't cost a fortune and will pay off in the long run (P.S. psst, we have a great cloud computing training offer for you already, keep on reading to find it out!).

If you want a stable and secure company, saving money and time is the key. Cloud computing training can guarantee you both of those things — so why not take advantage of it right now?

Reaching your business goals sooner

Goals are powerful — they give you a long-term vision and short-term motivation; they also help you organize your time and resources so that you can make the most of your life. Goals are equally important in business — they set a company's direction and focus attention on achieving desirable results, and one of them is profitability. There's no shortcut to reaching your goals since it always requires hard work and dedication, but there are some steps you can follow to ease it, and one of them is arming your team with knowledge.

Cloud training will allow your employees to innovate faster and accomplish the company's objectives more effectively. Those members of a team who will understand how to use the cloud will be able to manage, operate and deploy applications using cloud services. Besides, it will give them a common language and allow them to work together more efficiently. Your employees will also be able to spot the services and solutions they need much faster and quickly develop solutions for the customers.

Reaching your business goals may be a headache at times, but, as you now know, some remedies to relieve it do exist. So if you want to stay on top of things, now is the time to start educating your people about the cloud!

What's next? Choosing the best cloud training course

Since the benefits of providing your team with cloud computing skills are crystal clear by now, let's move on to the actual training options that are available for you. 

We always do our research to give you the most up-to-date answers, and in this case, our answer is firm: among all cloud providers, we suggest Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the cloud computing market leader and controls 32% of it; it's secure, reliable, and economical, and its clients include such giants as Netflix, Twitter, BBC, and others. Last but not least, AWS currently offers twelve certifications to validate your cloud expertise and grow your business. Sounds exciting, right?

We will even share a secret of the market's best AWS training for enterprises with you: it's BitDegree Academy's AWS training for businesses. By signing up for our training course, your employees will get the complete package:

A live online training Bootcamp with a world-class AWS trainer
Exclusive learning materials
Practical hands-on labs
3 AWS practice exams

Take your time now: sit down, think about it well, talk to your team and, whenever you're ready, just let us know — we can't wait to meet you all soon and start this fulfilling and rewarding learning journey together!

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