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As the Learnoverse team, we envision a virtual world integrated with gamified learning where you can improve your Web3 skills and simply have fun doing that! 

While we put in the effort to bring you an exciting virtual world of learning with our educational metaverse, we also bolster your success with our partners. That’s why we provide you with various crypto knowledge in concise, easy-to-digest, Learn&Earn courses. 

This time, we are announcing the Learnoverse x FIO partnership! We will introduce you to the topics of interoperability and crypto domains in collaboration with FIO Protocol. Take this Learn&Earn course to learn more and earn a FREE crypto handle.

What are Crypto Domains?

Crypto Domains are domain extensions or you might know as decentralized domains, blockchain domains, and sometimes NFT domains. Similar to traditional domains, crypto domains are strings or URLs that are used to access websites. 

Even though both traditional and crypto domains are fundamentally used for a similar purpose, they work differently. Traditional domain names operate through Domain Name System (DNS). Meanwhile, crypto domains are launched as smart contracts on public blockchains. 

Crypto domains are your digital identity which lets you interact with the Web3 world. You can interact with platforms from exchanges to NFTs, metaverse games, and dApps. 

What is FIO Protocol?

FIO Protocol ensures a better crypto user experience to help the mass adoption of Web3. They can replace your long complex wallet addresses with customized FIO Crypto Handles such as yourname@fio.

These personalized handles enable decentralized sending, receiving, and payment requests and end-to-end encrypted metadata.

Now, most crypto domains tend to be exclusive to only a single blockchain. Here is when FIO Protocol comes in. FIO crypto handles are universal, it’s because of the Blockchain-agnostic, Wallet-agnostic nature of FIO. 

This feature makes entire blockchain ecosystems become more interoperable, providing a seamless user experience between every blockchain.

Learn more about FIO Protocol.

In Summary

Learnoverse focuses on educating you on all Web3 topics, and for that, we partner with brilliant projects. While you go on a journey to discover what’s exciting in this ecosystem with our Learn&Earn courses, you will also improve your understanding of all topics of crypto. 

Not to forget, the skills you acquire in Learnoverse are the skills you can use in real life. For example, you can land your jobs in Web3, or even use the knowledge to start your own Web3 project, sky is your limit here!

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