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Changing Careers: How to Learn Programming in Your Spare Time

You aspire to enter the world of programming with a bang, but you are indecisive on which learning strategy to take? Or are you interested in programming as a side-kick activity for your main job? In short, you are not sure how to learn programming in your spare time?

We are not surprised that many people might be wandering in the dark, asking themselves: which programming language should I learn first? We start with a tip: every learning process takes patience and time. You might not want to work in IT full-time. Remember that freelancing is also a solid option if you want to make money online and not be tied down to one job.

Explanatory of Coding

The word "programming" has become a clickbait: everyone is using it. But what does it mean to be a programmer? How long does it take to learn coding? What are your aims, responsibilities, and tasks?

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In the most general sense, programming is a procedure of being the boss and telling the computer to execute specific commands. In a more fun sense, programming can allow you to produce desktop or mobile games. Figure out how to learn programming successfully and you might transform a good idea for an application into a million-dollar business.

So, how long does it take to learn coding? As you plan to learn programming concepts in your free time, you should be looking for the most exciting and satisfying option. The learning process will consist of two main parts: learning technical information and practicing code-writing skills. Therefore, you will have to hit the books and code editors until you feel competent enough to start original projects.

Additionally, the time you spend mastering programming depends on the specific programming language you decide to learn. No surprise there: some programming languages offer an array of complicated concepts, and others are more adjusted for beginners.

First Step of How to Learn Programming: What You Want to Do

Since you are learning programming in your spare time, you should probably be interested in the most time-efficient way to educate yourself. Before you jump into tutorials, courses, or any other learning material, we suggest you decide what you are planning to achieve clearly. Here are some goals that will strongly influence the answer to a question of which programming language should I learn first:

  1. Developing and maintaining websites. To create interactive and dynamic websites, you have to be familiar with the concepts of web engineering and web content development. This goal can include the management of front-end and back-end parts of websites.
  2. Machine learning. To design machine learning algorithms, you also have to pick a language that will help you pursue your ambitions.
  3. Relational database management. You might want to manipulate structures of databases and work closely with the data they store.
  4. Development of desktop, server, and mobile applications.

Of course, this leaves room for interpretation: I know my goal, but how to learn programming to reach it? For your convenience, we will review the best options for every set aim. We will mention which programming languages are the easiest to master, and which might take more time to comprehend.

Please remember that you should start learning a programming language that will help you achieve your ambitions. If not, the learning process will soon become a burden, and you will find yourself spending your free time on other activities.

Advantages of Courses: Freedom and Certifications

If you don’t come from an IT background, every single programming concept will be new. We will reveal a highly effective and even profitable strategy of how to learn programming in your spare time: brace yourselves.

Here at Bitdegree, we are all about revolutionizing the way people are learning. For instance, with our educational platform, while you gain knowledge, you can profit as well as you can make money online with our affiliate program. Multitasking at its best!

Furthermore, you will be able to watch our courses from any device: mobile phones as well. If you ride a bus for 2-hours, take your phone and spend this time learning programming. This way you won’t have to readjust your schedule to go to additional lessons in real life. You can learn without any distractions when you have free time!

Additionally, people that complete our courses will receive free certifications, proving that they have gained new knowledge on specific topics. If you are looking for a new effective way to boost your resume, raising your competence through online courses is the perfect way to go.

Even the free online courses with a certificate of completion will provide a new professional addition to your CV. After all, people who are enthusiastic and open to learning new things are much more appreciated in any work environment.

If it so happens and you find a paid course that you can't afford on BitDegree platform, you can also apply for the online scholarship program to get funding and a financial reward for finishing the course. You can find a full tutorial on how to do that here.

Review of Programming Languages to Learn: Courses to Take

Remember we helped you set the goal you want to reach with the help of programming? Now, this decision will determine how to learn programming languages that are best suited for your goal. We will reveal the most beginner-friendly languages for each purpose and give you plenty of material to start the education process.

Web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript

These three giants are the ones that are used to create the majority of websites you visit every single day. The good news is that they are considered as one of the most beginner-friendly languages. Therefore, in a relatively short time, you will be able to produce a decent website. However, adding interactive content might be difficult: this course will help you turn your website from static to dynamic. Additionally, it is a gamified course, meaning that we combine fun and learning!

Compare Online Learning Platforms Side by Side With Others

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Machine Learning: Python

It is a highly flexible programming language, allowing developers to manage huge amounts of data and predict future tendencies. You can rename, copy data, automate various computer tasks, and apply this language in numerous ways. Additionally, programmers who work with Python are in high-demand, meaning that you won’t struggle to find work if you learn it. Even if you take up programming as a side job, you can freelance and make money online.

How to learn programming with Python? Well, If you are a beginner, we suggest you start by learning from this course: it will explain the most common Python uses. Additionally, prepare yourself for an interview for a job interview: these questions are asked the most frequently. They determine whether a position in a company will be offered to you!

Database Management: SQL

If you need to manipulate information in relational database management systems, you should get to know SQL. Some basic knowledge of this language is a must for the necessary actions: for instance, accessing the data in databases. With the help of SQL, you can efficiently perform these actions: create new tables and databases, generate their backups, manage permissions for tables, find data quickly, etc.

If you are a beginner, raise your hand and click this link. It explains all of the basic actions you can perform with SQL. Remember: you can access courses anywhere, anytime. Additionally, this article provides an in-depth explanation of all of the latest tricks in SQL. Do not miss it!

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Development of Desktop and Mobile Applications

So, how to learn programming to produce games that will captivate audiences and leave them speechless? There are so many languages created for the development of applications and games: which programming language should I learn first? These two questions are complicated: but we will attempt to answer them as clearly as possible.

We know we already mentioned Python as the most suitable language for machine learning. However,  you should know that it is also perfectly capable of game development. Let us be frank: none of the languages we are about to mention are going to be easy nuts to crack. However, with enough patience and time, you should be able to master them!

C# is another candidate, and probably one of the most widely used programming languages to produce games. No surprise there: it introduces you to the useful game engine called Unity3D. With its convenient features, developers can bring 2D and 3D games to life. If your dream is to introduce such a product to the world, you should use your free time to learn about C#.

It is all about Java: or is it? Well, if you are looking for a programming language that would allow you to develop games and applications for any system, Java is your girl (or guy). There are game engines that use Java and give you a golden ticket to producing 2D and 3D games. Java is especially appreciated in the process of developing Android games.

If you are beginning with limited time resources, you should enter this course and learn the basics of creating an application with Java. Additionally, to figure out more details about this programming language, you should take a look at this article. It will reveal a lot more and prepare you for future job opportunities!

Time for Action

So, you were introduced to the main instructions, helping you figure out how to learn programming in your spare time. To make it more memorable, let’s repeat the key points of this article. This list can be considered as a short plan for your career change path:

  1. Decide on your goal. It will strongly impact the way you choose to proceed, which programming languages to pay attention to. Additionally, your aims will determine the complexity of the learning process.
  2. Choose a learning option that will keep you interested in the topic you are learning. Be patient and invest time in your career change.
  3. Consider online courses as one of your learning tools. You will be able to access these lessons anywhere and anytime. This freedom of learning should tempt you. You won’t have to be stressed out about missing a lesson about an important topic as it will always be available from your computer or phone.
  4. Share your concerns or questions with other people in the programming community. Don't get stuck on one problem. Turn to more experienced professionals for help.

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How can kids start programming?

There are many ways for kids to start programming - you can buy them specialized toys, use online resources, let them play with apps designed for young programmers, and to provide them with relevant books to read if you want to start from the theoretical side.

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