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Lesson 5
🔥 Get: $5 For KYC + Up to $265 in Rewards
Status: Active
Status: Active

The YouHodler Loyalty Program: Additional Rewards & Benefits

Learn how you can receive additional rewards by employing YouHodler's Cloud Mining tool - a gamified crypto-earning solution!

🔥 Complete this quest to get max up to $265 rewards in total:

Completed KYC Reward:
$5 (T3 Countries)***

Deposit Reward:
$5 (T2 Countries)*
$10 (T1 Countries)**

MultiHODL Reward:
$15 (T1 Countries)

Refer-A-Friend Reward:
$5 (T2 Countries)
$10 (T1 Countries)

Affiliation Reward:

How to get rewards from YouHodler?
1. Watch an introductory YouHodler course.
2. Submit this form, reveal the special YouHodler promo code & enter it in YouHodler's sign-up form here.
3. Become eligible to get instant $5 for completed KYC & up to $265 in others rewards from YouHodler!

Lesson 5: Additional Profits & Rewards Using Reward & Loyalty Programs

Another impressive tool at YouHodler’s disposal is its Cloud Miner. This is a gamified Bitcoin mining simulator that allows people to earn money by completing simple tasks within the YouHodler ecosystem. The tool requires zero processing or computational power from the user, meaning that anybody can use it, regardless of how powerful or weak their machine is.

Rather, it works by having users perform certain tasks, such as depositing sums of money into their YouHodler account, trading, and having a certain amount of monthly trading volume. By doing this, your level begins to increase, which offers further perks that improve the power of your Cloud Miner.

There are eight levels in the loyality program, with each level offering slightly different perks, although they all have one thing in common: the higher your level, the more "Sparks" you get. A Spark is a type of in-game point that is used to fuel your Cloud Miner. Your Miner is made up of a set of "blocks", and each block needs a certain amount of Sparks to start mining it. Once the block is mined, it earns you real BTC. Higher levels give you more Sparks freely on a periodic basis.

Your level will also determine how many blocks are unlocked for you. When you start out at level 1, only two blocks can be mined. But if you make it to level 8, then the whole 19 will be available.

This is an intuitive and user-friendly way of providing YouHolder's customer base with a new avenue for earning. The Cloud Miner is not only designed to be simple to navigate, but its gamified nature helps people understand how it works very quickly and efficiently. It is also a perfect example of a product that is interwoven with the entire ecosystem, as actions like trading with MultiHODL and having certain trading volumes have a direct impact on the Cloud Miner rewards, and with each level reached boosting your Crypto Yield Account up to 15% APY and $200,000 yield limit.

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🔥 Quest Requirements:

Deposit Reward Requirements: $100 worth minimum FTD.
MultiHODL Reward Requirements: after 3 MultiHODL trades, $100 worth min. input amount, 10 minutes min. duration of each opened trade.
Refer-A-Friend Reward Requirements: the referral needs to register and qualify for Deposit Reward and MultiHODL Reward.
Affiliation Reward Requirements: onboard 10 users (traders) and earn the 11th CPA for free.

Disclaimer: The rewards are not available for all countries and the amount of actual rewards per country might vary.

Rewards by Countries' Tiers:
***T3: Belgium, Bulgaria, Check Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, UK, Australia, Japan, New Zeland, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Users from the following countries may apply:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom (UK), Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Restricted Countries:
Afghanistan, Algeria, Albania, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Crimea, Cuba, Egypt, Haiti, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Jordan, Mali, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Panama, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, United States of America, US Minor Outlying Islands, US Virgin Islands, Uganda, Yemen.

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