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How Can You Use Your Tokens on the Ledger Hardware Wallets?

Ledger wallets support over 5500 different crypto assets. Find out how you can manage, transact with, and use your tokens within the wallet!

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What Tokens are Supported on Ledger?

Over 5500 crypto assets are supported on Ledger. Find the list on the official Ledger’s website.

What Can You do With Different Tokens on Ledger?

With a Ledger Live app, users can manage and store their crypto tokens on any Ledger hardware wallet. They can also use the app to send and receive crypto transactions, check their transaction history and account balances, and set up & manage multiple accounts.

Additionally, they can manage and track their portfolio of crypto assets, and monitor the value of those assets in real time. Moreover, they can access various DeFi services and stake their tokens to earn passive income. Most of that and more will be possible to do directly on the new Ledger Stax wallet coming out in March 2023.