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Lesson 5
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Introduction to the Changex Fiat On-Ramp & Banking

In addition to crypto-specific features, Changex offers traditional banking, too. Learn about their fiat on-ramp, SEPA IBAN support & more!

Lesson 5: Introduction to Changex Fiat Ramp and Banking

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, probably the most common process that you’ll find yourself participating in is buying and selling assets, on select platforms. This process - buying and selling crypto - is often viewed as one of the major bottlenecks that are gatekeeping the industry, and acting as a barrier to entry for new and inexperienced traders.

It’s exactly the core issue that Changex is trying to tackle, as well.

Recapping the banking features of the platform, Changex aims to simplify the processes of buying and selling crypto, allowing its users to perform these activities straight from the comfort of their own phones and wallets. Crypto purchases can be made with a bank transfer or instantly out of the Changex fiat account within the Changex wallet, and cashing out is as simple as that, as well. You can either get your fiat funds to an external bank account, or immediately transfer them to your Changex IBAN and debit card.

Thanks to SEPA IBAN support and Euro accounts, clients are also able to use Changex to make payments anywhere where SEPA transfers are enabled, as well as perform any other “traditional” processes that you might associate with your banking institution - receive salaries from their workplaces, pay their bills, and so on.

Lastly, the Changex credit and debit cards allow users to pay with fiat money, as well as crypto, anywhere where such cards are accepted, thus making crypto integration into one’s daily life even more seamless.