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The Winners of the Old School Website Contest

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Published Oct 8, 2019
Updated Oct 17, 2019

Receiving and reviewing your contest entries guaranteed fun for a whole month for us here in BitDegree. You did show excellent HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills when coding your old school websites! Now it's time for us to return the favor and bring some smiles to your faces. Yes, you guessed right – it's time to announce the winners of the contest!

While each of us did cheer for our personal favorites, the top three winners were chosen in the fairest way we could think of: by the public vote.

The Gold, the Silver and the Bronze

The 1st Place (can we get a drumroll here?) goes to the Yash’s Magical Hogwarts Website who made the most viewers click those little hearts! The creator of this website gets the most anticipated prize: a three-month subscription of the most popular BitDegree courses, plus a gorgeous BitDegree T-shirt. Sorry, Santa, there's not much you can do to top that this year!

The 2nd Place goes to the Srinivas’s Old-School BitDegree Website! They get a one-month subscription of the most popular BitDegree courses, as well as a BitDegree T-shirt which will put all the fashionistas to shame.

Finally, the 3rd Place goes to Gerardo’s Sweet Memories of NES. This talented person will also be rocking their new BitDegree T-shirt. In addition to that, they will also receive a BitDegree notebook and a pen. We hope it will be used for notes as they continue perfecting their codding skills!

Additional Winners

Now, we were so fascinated with the time and creativity you put it, we can't give prizes to just three of you. Even though these entries didn’t receive the most votes, they were chosen to win additional prizes by the BitDegree jury:

Each of these participants will receive a BitDegree notebook and a pen so they can keep track of those precious ideas!

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone for participating – we hope you had just as much fun as we had! Keep on using BitDegree Learn and The Best Code Editor to polish your skills – the more you know, the more power to you!