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Old School Website Contest Rules

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Published Aug 30, 2019
Updated Oct 8, 2019

Let’s flash back to the early days of the Internet, and play around writing code examples to create simple web pages! It’s fun and good for your practice to see how different programming languages (e.g., HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) work in combination to produce something like this. Before you set out to write & share your code examples, here are the rules:

  1. We’ll reward the code examples with valuable prizes after the competition is over. Our users will vote for the ones they like most. Those code examples that will receive most votes will win the Contest – simple as that!
  2. Code examples shouldn't contain curse words, shouldn't be empty or copied from others – such code examples will be removed.
  3. You may enter this Code Example Contest with as many code examples as you want (but they shouldn't be duplicates) if you’re in a mood to create stuff, but you’ll be only entitled to receiving one prize so that more winning competitors could benefit from the Contest. For example, if 3 of your code examples win the first 3 places in the Contest, you’ll receive the prize for winning the 1st place, and 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be given to other users who will score less than you.
  4. Code Example Contest prizes include:
    • 1st place – 3-month subscription of most popular Bitdegree courses + BitDegree T-shirt
    • 2nd place – 1-month subscription of most popular Bitdegree courses + BitDegree T-shirt
    • 3rd place – BitDegree branded T-shirt + notebook and pen
    • Additional prizes – BitDegree branded notebooks and pens
  5. This Code Example Contest will start on 2 September and last until 2 October.
  6. We’ll announce and reward the winners on 8 October, then put the pure silk gloves on, pack your delicate prize in an envelope designed by the world-class Japanese origami master, and hire the pidgeons from Her Majesty Elizabeth II’s Royal Farm to fly the parcel to your precious post box so you can enjoy it the best way possible. And we’ll pour in some ice-cold lemonade after all of this to make a toast to your success!

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