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Content Writer

Workplace: Kaunas, Lithuania

If you are the type of writer who knows the difference between good and great, we’d like to hear from you. Accuracy and consistency are the daily ingredients of this job. So proofread your CV (just in case) and let’s talk about this role.

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  • Write super clear, informal but informative content that explains how to apply theory in practice
  • Optimize content for SEO purposes
  • Follow specific writing guidelines and ensure all-around consistency
  • Research web development-related topics, analyze coding theory available online
  • Proofread all content before publishing and take full responsibility for its quality


  • Text editing or translating experience (academic credits, online certificates count too)
  • Full professional proficiency in English
  • Talent to express complex ideas in simple and clear constructions
  • Capability to work in a dynamic environment while keeping your process in structure
  • Analytical and attentive personality


  • You will be a part of an extraordinary longterm project - online education platform
  • Your next step will be content editor!
  • The culture of really high standards and fast-paced learning environment
  • Freedom and responsibility to think of solutions, not just do what you are told
  • Anything needed for your fast development: global workations, world’s best conferences, relevant training courses, books, team building activities, and workshops

Perks & Benefits

Great Office

We have an office and it’s nice. Now, you may think you have seen a nice office before, but you haven’t seen ours (everyone says that, but they lie, they LIEEE.)

(Un)Healthy Snacks

You’ll get unhealthy snacks and your co-workers will complain and then you’ll get a lot of healthy snacks and your co-workers will complain. It’s an infinity loop!

Hanging Out

If you are a lone wolf - standing on a cliff all noble-like - no one will drag you to the pub. But you're always welcome to join us after work for pizza or drinks.

Play Xbox

There, on a shelf, in the shadow of a wall-wide screen, it rests. The Box wherein games dwell. Great Elders have foretold we may use it when we have finished our work.

Learn (No, Really)

We need pros and we are eager to teach, so you'll inevitably become one. Since we're an online teaching platform, you will also get access to our ocean of content.

Shiny Thingies

You will get a Macbook. Yeah, it's for work, but you can take it to a date and pretend it’s yours. It's the doctor's recommended way of letting your inner hipster out.

Greenfield Project

No red tape, no legacy code, no paper. The only paper we use is sticky notes (for pranks, mostly). Every voice counts, the best idea wins. So bring the best you've got.

Flying to Conferences

Listen to smart people talk, network, widen your horizon. You know how it works. We loathe time-wasting events, so you’ll avoid the boring ones and get real value.


A place so nice it’s hard to say goodbye on weekends.