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Marketing Specialist

Kaunas, Lithuania
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BitDegree is looking for a motivated, energetic and passionate professional to fill the role of Marketing Specialist. You will be responsible for executing effective marketing strategies, assisting with campaign development, analyzing the effectiveness of each campaign and developing our lead generation programs. The successful candidate will play an integral role in building and engaging the company's customer base and creating effective strategies that will promote the long-term growth of BitDegree.

What you will do

  • Identifying consumer trends and helping the business take advantage of them
  • Developing slogans and advertisements using the creative process
  • Writing content pages, creating social media posts, and crafting email campaigns
  • Developing ideas, modifying them to suit the company’s needs, and overseeing the final production of the materials
  • Analyzing data and making informed decisions based on it
  • Communicating with customers and understanding their needs

What we expect from you

  • Great English communication skills
  • Hunger to learn and passion to grow
  • Fundamentals of Marketing and Communications

What's in it for you

  • A highly skilled team to learn from
  • A chance to promote an extraordinary online education platform and the most innovative e-learning trends
  • The culture of freedom and responsibility – you’ll think of solutions, instead of just doing what you are told
  • Being a part of the most innovative company in Lithuania
  • A modern office with space for creativity and self-expression

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