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Vertcoin Halving Countdown

Time remaining until Vertcoin block rewards will be cut in half:

Blocks Left 365,122
Halving At
Current Block 2,154,878
$0.0542 5.23% Buy VTC
Halving Est. Halving Date Block Block Reward
#1 December 11, 2017 840,000 25 VTC
#2 December 8, 2021 1,680,000 12.5 VTC
#3 December, 2025 2,520,000 6.25 VTC

Market Cap


Circulating Supply

68,786,160 VTC

Max Supply

84,000,000 VTC

Current Block


Current Block Reward

12.5 VTC

Block Reward After Halving

6.25 VTC

Looking for the next Vertcoin halving date? Check out our dedicated countdown, and learn about what the VTC halvings mean for the rest of the crypto industry!

When is the Next Vertcoin Halving?

The next Vertcoin halving is anticipated to occur at the beginning of December 2025. You can find a more specific date on our countdown above.

When Will the Last Vertcoin Halving Happen?

The final Vertcoin halving doesn’t have a set date. However, it should happen right before the project reaches its maximum total supply of minted coins, which is 84 million VTC. Currently, there are over 65 million VTC coins in the market.

What is the Vertcoin Halving History?

The very first VTC halving date was December 11, 2017. The second halving happened almost exactly four years later, on December 8, 2021. Both halvings performed their intended purpose - to cut the reward of mined VTC coins in half.

What is Vertcoin Halving?

Vertcoin halving is a phenomenon that happens every 4 years. During the halving, VTC rewards obtained by miners are halved so as to reduce the inflationary features of the asset and make it more scarce.

Well, at least that’s the general definition of VTC halvings. In order to develop a better understanding of what the process is all about, you first need to learn about Vertcoin in a general sense.

Vertcoin: An ASIC-Resistant Hard Fork of Bitcoin

Vertcoin was created and launched back in 2014. Its creation was rather interesting, however, since it’s actually a fork of Bitcoin - the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Naturally, your first question might be - why was Bitcoin forked to VTC in the first place? In order to understand that and get a better picture of Vertcoin halvings as a whole, you first need to learn about ASICs.

An ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) is a special machine that is used to mine specific cryptocurrencies. These machines are designed for crypto mining and are thus optimized and much, MUCH more efficient than your average personal computer.

Vertcoin halving: a man holds an ASIC mining device.

Sounds great, right? Well, it depends - Vertcoin, for example, was created as an ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency.

An ASIC device means a few things. First, it eliminated a lot of competition - solo-mining crypto with your GPU simply isn’t feasible when you have to compete with an ASIC miner.

Once ASIC miners enter the ecosystem, many solo miners start abandoning it. Thus, they make it more centralized around the individuals or companies that own said ASIC devices. This, in turn, brings down the potential profits of mining this crypto altogether.

So, in short, while Bitcoin ASIC mining machines are very popular, Vertcoin was created to be ASIC-resistant - to allow your everyday GPU miner to access this crypto asset and earn some of it with their personal computer.

The project saw a lot of initial success and is very popular to this day, too. Being a fork of BTC, though, Vertcoin also bares the major network’s mechanics - the VTC halving is one of these mechanics.

How Does Vertcoin Halving Work?

Essentially, Vertcoin halvings work in a very similar manner to those of Bitcoin. Both cryptocurrencies experience halvings around every 4 years, and both get their mining rewards, as well as new token issuance, reduced by 50%.

In that sense, you could say that VTC halving dates follow a “traditional” pattern - in other words, the entire process is the same as with most other cryptos that employ halving mechanics, with Bitcoin being the most notable example.

Now, take a look at the table below:

Date Block Height Block Reward
December 11, 2017 840,000 25 VTC
December 8, 2021 1,680,000 12.5 VTC
Est. December 2025 2,520,000 6.25 VTC
... ... ...

Table: Vertcoin halving schedule

The table illustrates all of the past Vertcoin halvings (of which there were two), as well as the future halving of 2025. The final row represents all of the following halvings that will still happen up until the final one. At this point in time, neither the date nor the block mining reward for the final VTC halving is known.

It’s worth mentioning that when Vertcoin initially launched, its block mining reward was 50 VTC. After the third halving in 2025, it will be 6.25 VTC - that’s a notable difference!

How do Vertcoin Halvings Affect the Price of VTC?

The burning question that most people have when it comes to the halvings of any cryptocurrency has to do with the price changes before and after the halving is complete. The same is naturally true with Vertcoin halvings as well - the price of the asset is something that affects both miners and investors alike.

Below, you’ll find attached a graph of VTC’s historical price changes:

Vertcoin halving: VTC chart.

Now, there’s a lot to take in here, but I’ll keep things short and simple.

First of all, you should know that the end of December 2017 was still considered to be the legendary “first real bull run” that the crypto industry experienced. The infamous first “Crypto Winter” came in the following year. This, in turn, explains the huge spike in price that VTC experienced during its first halving.

Did the actual Vertcoin halving have anything to do with the price spike? Well, it’s impossible to say for certain. However, the price of the asset crashed soon after - once again, this likely had very little to do with the halving event and was more related to the general sentiments within the market as a whole.

The second halving, however, is a bit more interesting. Both before and soon after, Vertcoin saw a bump in price. While it soon went down, once again, the second VTC halving date might have influenced that positive, albeit short, price movement!

Is it possible to draw any specific conclusions about how VTC halvings influence the underlying asset’s price movements? No, definitely not - while theoretically halving events *should* move the price upwards, it’s just that - theory. In the real world, there are many factors at play, and besides - two or three halvings are certainly not enough to perform any definitive conclusions.

The Significance of Vertcoin Halvings

Every halving event that happens within the crypto industry bears some significance. Some halvings, such as those of Bitcoin, are widely known and accepted to be super-impactful, for better or worse.

On the flip side, what’s the situation with Vertcoin halving dates? Well, the chart above is actually a pretty interesting indicator when it comes to the market’s sentiments and reactions to the halving event in question – at least as it relates to the second halving that this asset has had.

While being far from completely accurate, it’s still feasible to claim that the second Vertcoin halving caused some commotion within the VTC community, which influenced the clearly-seen price fluctuations.

If you’re an investor, then halvings are certainly events that you look forward to. After all, their purpose is to cause price inflation by bolstering the deflationary features of the asset itself (reducing its supply). And, if the value of your investment goes up, that is quite self-explanatory.

Vertcoin halving: mining rigs.

Miners, however, are in a bit of a different conundrum. On the one hand, while your mining rewards get halved, the price of the asset should go up, and thus, everything would even out at the end of the day. On the other hand, though, things don’t always work out as intended. Whether it be Vertcoin halvings or those of any other crypto, the price might not immediately go up, or if it does, it might not rise enough to compensate for the halving of mining rewards.

In short, most miners you’ll ask will probably have differing opinions about the VTC halving. As far as the rest of the broader crypto community is concerned, though, there’s a pretty good chance that not many people who aren’t involved with Vertcoin know about its halving events in general.

This is simply due to the fact that Vertcoin isn’t as massive as, say, Bitcoin or Ethereum. While it’s a popular project, it lacks the size for its halvings to cause any notable effects on the rest of the market.


With all of the main points regarding Vertcoin halvings discussed and out of the way, let’s have a quick refresher of the most important things to remember from this entire article.

The key takeaways to keep in mind are:

  • Vertcoin halvings reduce the VTC mining rewards in half;
  • They happen every 4 years or so;
  • Vertcoin is a hard fork of Bitcoin - it’s very similar to BTC but is ASIC-resistant;
  • There have been two VTC halving dates so far - one in December 2017 and another in December 2021. The third halving should happen towards the end of 2025;
  • The two first VTC halvings didn’t really impact the price movements of the underlying asset all that much - during the first halving, the market was experiencing a bull run, in general, while the second halving did show signs of a price boost, but the asset quickly fell once again.

If you keep all of the above points in mind, you should have a pretty good idea of what Vertcoin halvings are all about and how they work as well.


Thanks for reading my guide on VTC halvings - I hope that it was informative to you!

Don’t forget to check out our Vertcoin halving countdown above, and keep an eye on the approaching halving dates of other assets, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zcash.

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