Learn How to Buy BitDegree Courses With BTC: Quick Guide

Bitcoin is the original and still, the most popular cryptocurrency around. Chances are you either heard of it or already own it. This guide explains how you can use your BTC to buy BitDegree courses. So, follow the steps below and join the ranks of first adopters. If you don't yet have a Bitcoin wallet or Bitcoin, don't worry: there are links to relevant tutorials below. Ready to learn how to buy BitDegree Courses with BTC?

How to Buy BitDegree Courses with BTC: Step-by-Step

Step 0: Don't have any Bitcoin(BTC)? Learn How to Buy BTC Using Your Credit Card or Learn How to Buy BTC Using PayPal

Step 0: Don't have a cryptocurrency wallet to store your Bitcoins(BTC)? Learn to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet for Bitcoin!

Step 1: Visit the BitDegree website and register your account. By registering your account for free you're already eligible to study from all of the free courses available.

Step 2: Select any paid course you like and press Start Learning Now

Step 3: Choose Bitcoin as a payment method and click Checkout

how to buy bitdegree courses btc

Step 4: Copy the given Bitcoin Address (it's in the purple bar). You can also scan the QR code using your mobile wallet application.

How to buy BDG course with BTC - crypto address

Step 5: Go to your Bitcoin wallet. I'm using Blockchain.info's wallet for this tutorial. You'll need to click Send and paste in the address and BTC amount from Step 4.

How to buy BDG course with BTC - Send bitcoins

Step 6: Make sure that the address is the same one that was shown to you in step 4, click Continue and Send Bitcoin.

Step 7: Now, your payment is in line to be sent to BitDegree. It will be sent once the "Pending Confirmations" reach 3 out of 3. This can take up to an hour, so do not worry.

Step 8: After your payment is sent, you will see this screen on the BitDegree website. You can close it, the payment has gone through successfully. You’ll get an email once your purchase is verified.

How to buy BDG course with BTC - waiting for confirmation

Step 8: Your BitDegree course is unlocked once block confirmations reach 6/6. You will be able to find your course in the My Courses section. You'll also get an email saying that your course is waiting for you!

how to buy bitdegree courses my

Time to Learn!

And now you know how to buy BitDegree courses with BTC(Bitcoin). Cryptocurrency and blockchain-based transactions might seem like they're complicated at first, but after you do it once, you should have no problems using this payment method in the future. You can also use different cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or BitDegree Token (Paying with BDG offers the highest discounts). Find these guides below:

1. How to Buy BitDegree Courses Using BDG Tokens
2. How to Buy BitDegree Courses Using Ether(ETH)

BitDegree is a great platform to learn new skills and upload your courses if you want to share your knowledge with the world. Also, did you know that BitDegree shares various coupon codes and gift cards for the courses? I suggest you check it out as you can get some great deals for BitDegree courses!

As you learn you will also gain BitDegree tokens that are stored on the platform, and if you choose to go for a scholarship, you can earn some tokens directly to your wallet as you finish the course (you can read more about the whole process here). Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to use BitDegree tokens so they wouldn't go to waste!

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