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Streetwear Brand The Hundreds Sets Foot in the Metaverse with an Exclusive Store

Streetwear Brand The Hundreds Sets Foot in the Metaverse with an Exclusive Store

The Hundreds virtual store in the Metaverse offers exclusive products and rewards. 

In celebration of its 20-year journey, the streetwear brand The Hundreds has announced the inauguration of its next major venture, a state-of-the-art virtual store within the Metaverse.

The Hundreds has unveiled an immersive 3D outlet on, a Metaverse platform increasingly geared towards e-commerce and interactive participation in product launches.

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Best Types of Blockchains Revealed (5 Animated Rules)

Best Types of Blockchains Revealed (5 Animated Rules) Best Types of Blockchains Revealed (5 Animated Rules)

With's private beta test going live this week, The Hundreds will become the first brand to test the platform's capabilities for managing brands and fostering communities.

In its virtual location on, The Hundreds intends to launch exclusive apparel that won't be available anywhere else, including items exclusively for holders of the brand's Adam Bomb Squad NFT collection.

The Hundreds also plan to incentivize users with rewards earned through digital and real-world engagements, establishing a seamless connection between the physical and virtual aspects of the brand.

The brand's co-founder Bobby Kim, also known as Bobby Hundreds, claimed that the digital shop aims to replicate the experience of their brick-and-mortar store located in Los Angeles' Fairfax neighborhood. He envisions this platform as an interactive and social hub for shoppers, stating:

We’re building out our stores how we imagined them to be in the metaverse. This unique digital experience is really meant for our community to come together, shop, and socialize, rather than gamification.

The Metaverse store offers a detailed and realistic virtual environment, thanks to Unreal Engine 5, a software liked by many leading video game developers. This level of realism sets it apart from gaming-oriented Metaverse experiences like Decentraland and The Sandbox, albeit with imaginative twists like lava-filled street cracks.

Initially, will launch a mobile app featuring an Instagram-esque social feed of immersive locations for users to explore. Gradually, it will extend to the web and welcome other brands to construct their own spaces.

The platform plans to incorporate generative AI tools to facilitate brands in creating custom virtual realms, and future NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon.

As brands like The Hundreds jump in the Metaverse, it signals a compelling fusion of retail and virtual experiences, offering an exclusive shopping experience right at the fingertips of consumers.


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