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Spain Becomes the Third-Largest Crypto ATM Holder

Spain Becomes the Third-Largest Crypto ATM Holder

Spain has surpassed El Salvador and is currently the third-largest crypto ATM holder worldwide.

Spain gets named the third-largest Bitcoin and crypto ATM hub in the world.

According to the data shared by CoinATMRadar, Spain currently has installed 215 crypto ATMs, representing 0.6% of all Bitcoin and crypto ATMs available worldwide.

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What is a Crypto Wallet? (Explained With Animation)

What is a Crypto Wallet? (Explained With Animation) What is a Crypto Wallet? (Explained With Animation)

Spain has recently pushed El Salvador to fourth position, which currently has 212 ATMs installed.

The CoinATMRadar data also revealed that Spain is the largest crypto ATM holder in Europe, representing 14.65% of all ATMs in the continent. Other countries in line are Switzerland (144 ATMs), Poland (142 ATMs), Romania (135 ATMs) and Austria (132 ATMs).

Overall, the most crypto ATMs are installed in North America, with 33,793 ATMs in the United States and 2,545 in Canada

It is worth noting that in 2022, Spain installed 43 crypto ATMs, getting closer to its goal of installing 100 crypto ATMs across the country. When completed, Spain will be a home for around 300 Bitcoin and crypto ATMs. 

According to the more detailed data from CoinATMRadar, the majority of crypto ATMs in Spain are located in Barcelona (65 ATMs), the capital Madrid (43 ATMs), and Valencia (33 ATMs).

Recently, the news broke that September recorded the lowest number of Bitcoin ATM installations across the globe. Based on the data shared by CoinATMRadar, the number of installations decreased by -2.05%, with 796 crypto ATMs being pulled off from the network

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Gile is a Market Sentiment Analyst who understands what public events may form what emotions. Her experience researching Web3 news and public market messages – including cryptocurrency news reports, PRs, and social network streams – is critical to her role in helping lead the Crypto News Editorial Team.
As an intelligent professional in public relations, together with the team, she aims to determine real VS fake news patterns, and bring her findings to anyone searching for unbiased news and events happening in the FinTech markets. Her expertise is uncovering the latest trustworthy & informative Web3 announcements to the masses.
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