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P2E Project Mars4 Lifts Off With the Release of the First Game Demo

P2E Project Mars4 Lifts Off With the Release of the First Game Demo

Mars4 is a play-to-earn project based on blockchain technology. It is made from three interconnected parts: MARS4 dollars (cryptocurrency), NFTs, and the game. The first 3D game demo has already been released for land NFT holders to try. This game demo allows players to learn the basic mechanics of the game and build their first station on Mars.

What is the Mars4 game?

Mars4 is a AAA survival game based on the Red Planet. You play as a colonist that just landed on Mars: the harsh climate is not friendly, and yet it is possible to thrive. Mine for resources and explore your land to find a perfect spot for your dwelling. Mars4 has an extensive building toolkit integrated into the game that allows players to build their dream constructions - so let your imagination run free and build away! 

How can you make money using Mars4?

Earning from Mars4 is possible both actively (from the game itself) and passively (using tools such as the community pool). 

The community pool, a revenue-distribution tool, allows investors to receive passive income regularly. The pool is constantly being supplied with MARS4 dollars from various resources such as sales, advertising, and in-game transactions.

Landowners can open the community pool to distribute its contents among the investors based on their productivity scores. Your productivity score rises as a result of your investment in Mars4. The more NFTs you own, the bigger it is! And since MARS4 dollars are cryptocurrency, you can easily use your funds outside the game. 

The game itself is a source of active revenue. You can earn MARS4 dollars in the game by trading various products and completing tasks for other players. For example, you can use your NFT vehicle to transport goods to other players all across the planet. 

What NFTs does Mars4 offer?

With MARS4, you can have a unique Mars land NFT created using NASA data. They will play an important role in the fully developed game as they will be the playable zones that all colonists (player characters) use. 

In the future, other in-game NFTs will be released such as colonists (avatars) and vehicles. These NFTs will help players earn more both actively and passively. The introduction of vehicles will also allow players to explore the surface of Mars, more efficiently scan for resources to mine and turn the question of survival into enjoyment. 


Get your piece of Mars now to access the first Mars4 game demo. You can learn the essential mechanics and compete in the building competition to earn rewards for your creativity. The Red Planet is waiting for you!

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P2E Project Mars4 Lifts Off With the Release of the First Game Demo



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Mars4 is a survival Play-to-earn (P2E) game based on Ethereum. It is a multiplayer metaverse world where players can explore their own NFT land plots and visit private lands owned by other players or businesses.



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