Japan's Movie Company Noma to Roll Out Crypto-Oriented Film Series

Japan's Movie Company Noma to Roll Out Crypto-Oriented Film Series

The upcoming three feature films will be backed by various insights from the world's crypto experts.

On June 21, the Japanese film studio dubbed Noma stated that it would be developing three feature films about the world of crypto. The first theatrical feature film dubbed The Rhetoric Star is currently in the pre-production stage and will see the light of day in 2024.

As for the team behind the anthology film series, The Rhetoric Star will be led and produced by Noma founder Taicho Itô (Fringe Man). On top of that, Sefi Carmel (Legacy of Lies) will also join as sound designer and composer, whereas Haruna Gohzu (Pokémon, Fairy Tail, and Demon Slayer) will be responsible for the animation elements. Moreover, Gracone’s CEO Mai Fujimoto, mostly known as Miss Bitcoin, and Ryo Nakatsuji, business development manager at CoinPost, will also take part in producing the movie series.

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Furthermore, Itô mentioned that the films will be backed by a number of talented Bitcoin (BTC) experts, as the movies will delve into the world of cryptocurrencies and try to change their audience's perception of the crypto industry through creative storytelling elements.

Likewise, Carmel also stated that he is very grateful to receive the opportunity to work on such a relevant project in today’s world. He believes that the upcoming future will be deeply dependent on digital assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain-related technology.

The second film in the series, titled Opus and described as “an animated serialized movie that documents the production process of The Rhetoric Star,” will be reportedly released in one-minute-long passages every week until the first film in the series hits the big screens. More information about the third film will be announced later this year.

On the same note, earlier this year, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it would bring the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) brand to cinemas by launching a "three-part movie."

In other news, back in April, the number one social networking app dubbed LINE joined forces with Yoshimoto Kogyo and officially rolled out its NFT marketplace which consisted of around 40K digital collectibles that were ready for minting.

Gyth L. - Crypto Analyst

by Gyth L. - Crypto Analyst, BitDegree