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VR Churches Offer Religious Services in the Metaverse

VR Churches Offer Religious Services in the Metaverse

Religious practices may be moving to the virtual world due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions.

Many modern activities and jobs can be done without leaving your vicinity. However, activities that require leaving your home like social gatherings, book clubs, concerts, etc. have suffered from the pandemic.

On the other hand, things like the metaverse and virtual reality have been regarded by some as the future alternative for social activities. In fact, Virginia-based bishop Dj Soto even founded his own VR Church back in 2016. 

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What is Polygon in Crypto? (Animated Explainer)

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It was initially built for people who are unable to attend religious services due to illness or traumas that restrict them from leaving their homes.

Meanwhile, with the pandemic hitting the outside activities in 2019, Dj Soto’s VR Church became the haven for people looking to fulfill their religious needs. 

Based on the report by Euronews, Dj Soto talked about the VR church being the same as a physical one, because the goal is to bring people together and perform religious activities. The bishop does not see any barriers that the VR Church would encounter, stating:

"We are no different than any other church, whether it's physical or if it's in the metaverse. We interact with hundreds of people in live worship. Our influence is certainly into the thousands."

Dj Soto strictly emphasized the importance of letting people who are physically unable to go to church experience religious activities. One of those people interviewed by Euronews was Alina Delp who is unable to attend church due to severe illness. However, going to a virtual church helped her fulfill the religious needs she lacked for years. 

Other regular VR Church attendees like Garret Bernal expressed his joy of being able to attend religious activities, explore the metaverse with 3D illustrations, and read Bible verses, which made his experience "much more meaningful."


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