Ledger Live Experienced Downgraded Server Performance

Ledger Live Experienced Downgraded Server Performance

Ledger CTO claims that outages were caused by the "FTX earthquake."

Ledger, a company developing security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies, best known for its hardware crypto wallets, reported that its Ledger Live has experienced “downgraded server performance.”

According to the tweet shared by Ledger support, users experienced issues when “connecting to the My Ledger tab and performing a Genuine Check” on the company's hardware wallet interface application, Ledger Live.

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After around an hour, Ledger shared another tweet stating that all outages were solved and “all systems are operational.”

Chief of Technology Officer (CTO) at Ledger Charles Guillemet used Twitter to comment on the issues. The CTO highlighted that Ledger’s outage was caused by the “FTX earthquake,” citing that many investors were moving their holdings from crypto exchanges to Ledger. In his tweet, Charles Guillemet further added:

We see a massive usage of our platforms and had a few scalability challenges this night. It should be resolved now.

It is worth noting that, on November 9th, Ledger announced that it temporarily paused FTX and FTX US swaps.

Although the majority of Ledger customers understood the situation, some called out Ledger for the wording chosen for their message. Some crypto community members said that the phrasing “your assets are safe” was written at the wrong time.

It is worth noting that the community was probably citing Sam Bankman-Fried’s message stating that FTX customer assets are safe. Ironically, a few hours after Bankman-Fried shared a now-deleted tweet, FTX halted all crypto withdrawals.

In other Ledger-related news, the company has recently partnered with crypto exchange Binance. The collaboration allows verified Binance users to buy crypto directly through Ledger.

Gile K. - Crypto Analyst

by Gile K. - Crypto Analyst, BitDegree